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  • Oh, who?

  • All right.

  • Just finishing my work out here in the park.

  • Some shadowboxing, somber fees.

  • And the reason I'm training in the park is because my gym has been deemed a non essential service by our prime minister and by the mayor off this town.

  • Uh, and I disagree training to something I do every single day, mainly from my mental health, also from my physical health.

  • But it keeps me clear.

  • It keeps me sober.

  • It makes me a good parent, makes me a good leader, allows me to give back to the community a zoo much as possible.

  • And so that's why I want to celebrate.

  • Today is a massive victory, and there's a petition that was sent out that's been signed over 610,000 times.

  • And it looks like now, even under tier three locked down, measured gyms are gonna be allowed to remain open.

  • This is something that gym owners across the country have been campaigning for because Kobe transmissions our Onley happening in 1.7% in the gyms.

  • And so it makes no sense to close these valuable services down.

  • It actually makes no sense to close hospitality down because those transmissions or 3.3% on I want to give a big shout out to Nick Quick home up in the People's Jim up in Liverpool, tow our brothers and sisters up in the north.

  • Nick is the guy you would have seen.

  • Uh, they had police armed officers come to his gym to try to close it down months ago, and he led a fight to stay open during tier three lockdowns, claiming it was an essential service for mental health for physical health.

  • Again, we're trying to stay physically healthy to make us more immune to this virus.

  • And yet our government isn't talking one word about that.

  • They're not talking about weight loss, smoking, cessation, reduction of alcohol consumption, any of that stuff.

  • They're just talking about masks and distancing and locked down.

  • So big Shout out to Nick.

  • I know he's speaking to members of Parliament today to finalize that.

  • I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone in London, everyone in the UK and everyone around the world for standing up and using their own data against them.

  • This is the key point that Nick Made Public Health England and the Office for National Statistics publishes also the data all the time.

  • And as far as we know, it hasn't been messed with.

  • We have that in the G 20 country.

  • That might not happen everywhere in the world, which means you can actually use their own data against their policies because their policies don't make sense.

  • If you look at the data, their policies only makes sense when you look at it from the career of a politician who just wants to get reelected for another 20 years way.

  • See this in our prime minister?

  • We see this in our mayor of London.

  • They've only had one job elected official, and that's their next job.

  • So they come up with these strange agendas that don't seem to serve the public.

  • Last time I checked, we vote.

  • We pay the taxes, they should be serving us.

  • So we just wanna give a big shout out to Nick.

  • He's worked really hard.

  • Uh, we had him on London.

  • Really?

  • You can watch the episode with him and again.

  • 610,000 signatures.

  • Absolutely amazing.

  • A huge victory for people who know Jim is an essential service.

  • Ah, huge victory to our physical health.

  • Ah, huge victory to our mental health.

  • So big shout out to you, Nick.

  • Next Wednesday, I'll be back in my gym Virgin Active training.

  • But I just want to say to everyone one of my policies is health first as your next mayor of London because health is so important to me.

  • We need to be proactive with our health.

  • We need to be preventative in our health as opposed to wait until we get sick and then going to the doctor on waiting for a pill or waiting for a heart bypass are waiting for a new lung.

  • We need to be proactive and intelligent about how we can eat better, how we can exercise every day.

  • We can actually do that, how we can sleep better and how we can have better mental health as well to just drop those suicides down, which you're now at an all time high.

  • Another one of the major costs lock down is not talking about right now, so I'll be training next week indoors.

  • Until then, I'm making it happen out here.

  • If it's cold, it's hot.

  • Whatever, because it's so important.

  • Leave me your comments below.

  • Do you think gyms are an essential service?

  • Do you think they're important to our mental health?

  • And again give a shout out to Nick falling on Instagram and give him some love and support as well?

  • We appreciate you very much for fighting for our rights.

  • And I promise, as your next mayor of London, I will continue to do the same.

Oh, who?

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