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  • It seems that for you, what's most important is to stay positive in the face of adversity.

  • It seems to have been true about when you grew up here not far from us in Hackney.

  • When you're building your company and even this year when we've been hit with this crisis tell me about that.

  • Is that a philosophy you've always had?

  • Did it come from your parents and am I right and seeing that within you?

  • Well, I'm not sure whether the terminology is to stay positive.

  • I think it's too, you know, to focus and to be resilient and to push on into I mean, how can I put it?

  • Imagine.

  • Like you Americans, you have these baseball bats.

  • Okay, so if you see a problem in the way, you have to got this fictitious baseball bat that you whack him out the way with and that's the way I see things.

  • So overcoming problems, you know, problems come in all different shapes and sizes.

  • Difficulties to solve Onda.

  • Fortunately, there was nothing insurmountable, Nothing unsolvable the I've come across so everything is solvable.

  • You just got to take a yeah, you use the word positive view, but I think it's more of a pragmatic on.

  • Do you know focus, View E.

  • I mean, one of the things that we decided back in March is that we were just going to keep going.

  • So I've been in here with my suit on everyday broadcasting because the content was really important to keep people apprised with what was going on.

  • And we tried to just have a positive mindset.

  • Get dressed, goto work, interact with your colleagues in a safe way and move forward.

  • I'm curious because when you build your business in the eighties, there couldn't have been anything easy about what you did there.

  • You know, unemployment was high.

  • You're competing with the Japanese and the Americans.

  • And, you know, when you look back to that time of adversity, did that compare with this time of diversity, if in the circumstances to be, to be honest with you, I mean then and there was no danger to people personally in those days when I started, it was a depressed market.

  • There was a complete depression in business and all that stuff, and I started at a riel rough time economically.

  • But you see, I started in a very, very small way when you consider that back in 1967 or 68 when I started, if somebody earned £20 per week, they were deemed to be very, very well off.

  • So imagine when I started my business on my own that I set my targets to make £60 per week, which was like three times the amount off somebody who considered themselves quite affluent on I know it sounds ridiculous, but I mean, you're talking about an era when a packet of cigarettes and I don't like smoking, but a pack of cigarettes were 12.5 p a gallon off gasoline, as you call it, or petrol was also 12.5 p compared to I think about £6 today.

  • So you gonna understand that 20 quid in those days or £60 in those days was a bloody fortune on absolute fortune on from there.

  • I built it out, really, and it was all about being self sufficient, not relying upon anybody else on focusing on what I know best to dio my, my I love my wife.

It seems that for you, what's most important is to stay positive in the face of adversity.

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THE FACE OF ADVERSITY: Why It Is Important To Stay Focused During A Problem - Lord Alan Sugar

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/23
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