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  • So it's that work ethic and determination, which I guess all wrestlers have.

  • You know, you mentioned the rock, you know, I remember when the rock he was in London, I think about about 15, 16 years ago.

  • And he just started his acting career, and I think he was in some bad movies, you know, like Daddy Daycare or something.

  • And I remember he came to the gym and someone like the rock is over there training.

  • And he was a really quiet home.

  • A guy focus getting his workout in.

  • And everyone thought he was crazy.

  • I think people forget when he crossed over the Hollywood like it was not happening in the first few years.

  • But now look at him.

  • You know, he's one of the biggest stars in the world.

  • Is that something that's bread into you guys as wrestlers where you go and you were taught, like you said, you gotta make it happen through grind, grind, grind, belief, determination, putting in the work every day.

  • I mean, are you not surprised when someone like the rock makes it?

  • Because that's how he made it in wrestling.

  • I wasn't surprised because that guy is a visionary.

  • No, and I use Rudy as an example and a lot of people go.

  • Wow, that movie is so inspirational.

  • If you haven't seen Rudy, read it.

  • Go on your streamer, Look it up.

  • It's super inspirational, but the rial store Iwas Rudy got that movie mate, and that is next to impossible to actually happen.

  • But he was the driving force that got the movie made.

  • And when you go back and look at it so waiting, we're going to make a movie about a guy who had one tackle in one day.

  • We're gonna make a movie about that guy.

  • That's not the movie.

  • That's the payoff, the movies, the journey.

  • It's all about the journey and the rocks.

  • Journey is amazing.

  • He might have been a head step ahead because his dad was Rocky Johnson, the first black tag team world champions.

  • His uncle was Peter My Via who was a top legendary, uh, Hawaiian wrestler.

  • So he had that.

  • But the people they pushed, Vince pushed him down the people's throat and they booed him.

  • They would chant Rocky, Stop!

  • Like this cat.

  • I mean, he's, I think, one of the smartest and best performers I've ever seen that can do, just do everything.

  • I'm not just about everything.

  • You can do everything he's hosted.

  • And this was where he really got his boost when he hosted Saturday Night Live.

  • That's no easy.

  • Sure, he's coming out of our world.

  • He's never done anything like that, and he killed it.

  • And now that I saw, he was sitting and dancing and killing it on Saturday Night Live.

  • And now, literally, he's not one off.

  • He is the highest paid star in the world, but he's not just doing that.

  • He's doing, uh, TV, but with ballers.

  • He's doing reality.

  • Uh, competition shows that he's hosting.

  • He's got this new play that would have happened this October.

  • It's called athletic calm, and he wants to do, like, make it bigger than the Arnold.

  • You know, he wants to make it.

  • He's just in everything and he got I have the craziest work, that thing on the planet.

  • But I'm still going to be 65 5 months.

  • Eso rocks 30 46 he is a steam roller, and again I put something out.

  • He had two weeks in a row 99 months ago, or so that, uh, two weeks ago it number one is move.

  • Iwas and I just went on, Let the video and we made something really cool.

  • You know, just put him over and say, Dude, just want to say super proud of you like, keep up the great work because he's one of us.

  • He wrote back a tweet on Twitter.

  • That was like, Wow, he took the time to write that.

  • Wow, I know he's got his people, but he oversees everything like that, you know?

  • So it was really cool.

  • But again, my acting career is something I've been working for 22 years and you mentioned early.

  • I've got that number of films, you know that I've done a lot of them no one's ever seen, but that's all the practice, you know, there's a lot of matches no one's ever seen that I have.

  • Um, in the meantime, I knew that it wasn't going to be easy.

  • I knew it was going to take time, and that's when I started the focus on what today is known as D.

  • P Y DDP yoga.

  • Because I could control that I could put the work in No one's gonna tell me what I can or can't do.

  • And right I was 500 and $48,000 in of my own money before I made a dime eight years again.

  • Just like it wasn't wrestling.

  • It took eight years for D P Y.

  • The start to become, ah, household name.

  • Eight years to be an overnight success.

  • Wow, my wife wild from my wife.

So it's that work ethic and determination, which I guess all wrestlers have.

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