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  • you know, you mentioned the uncertainty.

  • I mean, it's the bane of the existence of the entrepreneur is the uncertainty.

  • And I think that's what's been most frustrating.

  • And I've had a lot of entrepreneurs on this show recently.

  • Ah, lot of in the hospitality industry and in other industries and them just not knowing is the worst thing.

  • And also not knowing what the government's going to do is also very difficult.

  • So I don't know what they're gonna do next week so I can't plan my employment out.

  • I can't plan my limited capital investment even over the next few months and then really, So if they they're not confident something will happen, they're more likely to cut their losses.

  • Like you said, throw in the towel and then you're talking about really more medium and long term job losses and really hurt to the economy.

  • And that is a big concern.

  • And that's what I think has been quite stressful for the UK.

  • Just not knowing what's going to come.

  • Not having necessarily a consistent I don't know, a consistent reasoning strategy behind some of the decisions, and I feel like that's hurt us.

  • I don't know what you think.

  • I think you're right.

  • I mean, uncertainty must be very high right now.

  • It's a wonder any companies are doing much investment at the moment.

  • I investment clearly has fallen a great deal.

  • It's not gonna bounce back anytime, Riel soon.

  • I mean, unless we get a breakthrough.

  • Unless, you know, they really clearly is a vaccine that's gonna be rolled out, you know, within the first few months and next year.

  • So that could be an absolute game changer.

  • But in the absence of that, I think the uncertainty is so great that we should get used to very low investment for for some time to come.

  • I think past that.

  • Uncertainty, as you rightly put it, is no quite knowing what the government strategy really is.

  • Is it well, right now, for example, is it we just We just must bring the infection rate down quite quickly in the short term to stop the hospitals being overwhelmed on once we've got it down.

  • Even though we haven't completely suppressed the virus, there's still people catching it.

  • We've got it down enough to start lifting the restrictions because the short term danger of hospitals being overwhelmed has gone away.

  • And if you take that view and I think that's what the government is saying it's doing, then you might think, Well, hopefully this will be a very short, long term, locked down, Uh, but if the strategy is more well, we must keep the infection rate very low and Kobe deaths as low as we can indefinitely.

  • Until we get a vaccine, that's a different story.

  • That's where we could be having locked down because we were saying earlier, on and off rolling for the next 6, 12 months or more.

  • And if you think that's what the government's doing, why would you want to invest?

  • Um so So the You know there's a certain lack of clarity in a government strategy, which I think adds to the uncertainty is inevitable is gonna be uncertainty because there's scientific things you don't know about.

  • Are we going to get quick, reliable tests?

  • Are we going to get a vaccine?

  • But I think it's exacerbated by what seems to be a lack of complete clarity about what exactly is the strategy of the government.

  • My wife.

you know, you mentioned the uncertainty.

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ENTREPRENEURIAL UNCERTAINTY: Why These Are Uncertain Times for Businesses - Professor David Miles

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/22
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