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  • So I spent the afternoon here at London, Real speaking with Luke Johnson, and he is the former chairman of Channel four here in the UK and also the chairman of Risk Capital Partners, which owned some of the biggest companies in the UK hospitality sector.

  • From Pizza Express to Gayle's Bakery.

  • They really understand what's going on in the High Street.

  • And needless to say, he's been extremely frustrated by the way the government has been acting, uh, the campaign of fear that they have put forth since March.

  • And he's been extremely frustrated by the lock down measures.

  • And we also spoke about recent study that just came out that said that one in three businesses and hospitality have no confidence that they will survive for the next three months.

  • Um, also, it went on to report that 660,000 jobs have been lost in the UK hospitality sector, and 192,000 of those have been lost right here in London.

  • And Luke was, uh, needless to stay extremely frustrated, and he was on board with the fact that we need to make a proportionate response to the virus we need to stop using fear, uh, to get people, uh, to not take action.

  • And we need to get London back to work.

  • And it was great to speak with a man who is so well versed in the hospitality sector who is such an incredible entrepreneur who was thinking the same way that we are about these things.

  • And he went on to say, said Brian, Economists don't create jobs.

  • Entrepreneurs create jobs, he said.

  • It's a very difficult thing to do.

  • And when you go out there and you create and you invest capital on an uncertain future, that's how you sustain an economy like London.

  • That's how you employ nine million people here when you put your capital at risk and you put an idea out there and you go for it.

  • That's what he did with Gale's and Pizza Express and thanks, sushi and love film back in the day.

  • And he said, That's who creates jobs.

  • It's not economists, and it sure as heck is, and politicians who are always trying to find ways to not do things.

  • They're trying to find taxation and regulation, and that's all going to stop three improvement of business, which is crucial to get in London back on its feet and he was very, very critical of what's currently going on in the government as far as their decisions.

  • And it was great to actually talk to him to just confirm that our thoughts on getting London back toe work are the right way to go forward.

  • Our thoughts are showing leadership to get people back into London to make a proportionate response to the virus and use science based decision making.

  • We went on to talk about the fact that the hospitality sector here in the UK it was only responsible for 3.3% of Kobe transmissions, 3% and yet the entire sector was closed down.

  • Uh, that's responsible for a large portion of the GDP.

  • And I think some 15% of all the jobs in this country are in the hospitality sector.

  • And yet it's being shut down for no apparent reason.

  • And luckily because of London real, I'm able to have these conversations with politicians, entrepreneurs, people in the theaters, business people in the tourism business, people in the gym business, eh?

  • So I really have my finger on the pulse of what's actually happening in the city.

  • Rial talk from real people that air trying Thio create some type of livelihood, trying to hold their physical and mental health through these entire draconian lock down measures.

  • Unfortunately, our leaders don't have these same conversations ideo on.

  • They're not thinking about these things.

  • All their thinking is about asking for billions Maurin bailouts about trying to increase lock down measures about trying to blame one of the other parties for the failings on.

  • Then they'll want you to reelect them for another time and another time and another time.

  • And I think we need to change.

  • I think we need to take London a new direction.

  • I think we need to look at this city like it's a business and taken entrepreneurial point of view.

  • Hold people fiscally responsible invest, show some confidence, show use of the science and show the fact that once we make a decision, we stick with it going forward because entrepreneurs hate uncertainty and we need to get London back toe work.

  • So leave your comments below.

  • I'm curious.

  • I'm gonna keep having more and more of these conversations on London real, so we convene them out to you and we're going to make these changes possible in this city.

  • We're gonna take London in a new direction.

  • I am super optimistic for the future because we only need to change a few things and just start making intelligent, science based logical decisions.

  • And we can have this city back toe work in no time.

  • Trust me, I see the future.

  • I see the vision, and it's gonna happen very quickly.

  • We just need to get the right leadership in place.

  • Leave your comments below share this video if you're feeling it and thank you very much.

So I spent the afternoon here at London, Real speaking with Luke Johnson, and he is the former chairman of Channel four here in the UK and also the chairman of Risk Capital Partners, which owned some of the biggest companies in the UK hospitality sector.

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