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  • So yesterday on London real, I got to sit down with Luke Johnson, who is the chairman of Risk Capital Partners, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the hospitality space in Britain.

  • Former chairman of Pizza Express of Channel four and one of the creators of Gail's Artisan Bakery.

  • Thank sushi, etcetera.

  • And he had a lot to say about these current lock down measures.

  • And one of the things he said that was so poignant to me was this.

  • He said.

  • The economy is us.

  • You cannot divorce the two, and when you decide to hold everyone at home, it's going toe have ramifications.

  • And it's a great concept to think about because I think oftentimes we separate the economy, money from who we are and our livelihood.

  • But it actually is one in the same thing.

  • Our interactions.

  • Every day where we go, the goods and services we purchase, those are our lives.

  • And if we can't be of service to other people, if we can't go out and live this world, then we don't really have lives and you see this really taking a big effect on our mental health and you can see how inextricably linked our economic health is to our mental health.

  • And so for me, it was great to sit down with someone like Luke and talk about some of the really serious things that are affecting our sectors Right now, one in three businesses in the hospitality sector, uh, do not see any hope.

  • In the next three months.

  • They think they will be going bankrupt.

  • 660,000 jobs have been lost in this sector this year.

  • 192,000 of those jobs right here in London.

  • These are desperate, desperate times, but they don't have to continue like this.

  • And his Luke told me yesterday.

  • He said, Brian, you know the fear male mongering, the fear campaign done by our government, he said it z apprehensive all.

  • It's just a ridiculous thing that they've done because we've terrified people to not want to come back to their cities, get back to work and get back to doing what they were doing before, and I agree with him.

  • I think that the main thing we need to do here is find a way to get this sector, the hospitality sector.

  • It's on Lee responsible for 3.3% of Kobe transmissions back on its feet, and I wish you would happen now.

  • Now we might have to wait till December 2nd, but even then we're hearing there's gonna be MAWR even more drastic than two or three locked down measures earlier curfews, etcetera.

  • And we're hearing that it's gonna be locked back down again in January.

  • This is not the way forward.

  • This is not the way we're going to save our economy.

  • This is not the way we're going to save our younger generation.

  • And one final point that Luke made was this, he said.

  • Brian economists don't make jobs.

  • Entrepreneurs make jobs.

  • It's a very important point, he said.

  • Creating a job is an incredible thing that makes the city thrive.

  • But unless you allow an entrepreneur to do that, it's not gonna happen.

  • And how do you do that?

  • You give them stability.

  • You give them ah, stable taxation.

  • You give them confidence in the future and that's when entrepreneurs invest.

  • They put capital on the line.

  • They invest in black taxis, they invest in restaurants that they get out.

  • They invest in all of those things and they invest in employees on.

  • That's how we create this vibrant economy that we have here in London or we had, um, eso We've got to get back to these basics and and really invest in London once again.

  • And so that's why my main policy of Get London back to work is so crucial.

  • It goes hand in hand with my science first policy, my health first policy, my education first policy because it's all linked again.

  • It's all inextricably linked the economy to our mental health, to our physical health.

  • It's all one piece of the pie again.

  • If there's no economy, how could we fund our NHS?

  • We can't, um, if there's no economy, how can we keep our citizens mentally healthy?

  • We can't.

  • So we have to look at these as holistic problems because they are.

  • It's not a trade off of one of the other.

  • You actually must have both.

  • You must have people healthy, and you must have the economy going on.

  • And that's what we've gotta work for here.

  • So please leave your comments below.

  • Tell me what you think about these ideas.

  • Tell me what you think about Luke Johnson's ideas and the desperate nature of where the hospitality sector is.

  • And tell me, do you think we should end this lock down?

  • Thank you.

So yesterday on London real, I got to sit down with Luke Johnson, who is the chairman of Risk Capital Partners, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the hospitality space in Britain.

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