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  • and people say, Have you ever had a fight on the streets?

  • I said, No, I've never been close but it was probably because I trained and I had the confidence and I also respected other people and respected myself that fights never happened with me for some reason, you know, because of like you said, it's a mentality.

  • It's It's a way of life, isn't it?

  • Same with me because I'm a professional fighter, and but I never really had a fight on the street had confrontations.

  • A lot of people got in my face before the S t growing up, but there's so much confidence that this, opponents would say, would read on my forehead.

  • This guy's for real.

  • You're not joking around.

  • Yeah, people can tell, You know, it's funny.

  • I worked on Wall Street and I worked in the city of London, which is the equivalent, and people think when you're a banker that everyone's nice.

  • But men try to physically intimidate you sometimes in the business world, and even then, knowing jiu jitsu.

  • Ah, lot of guys would give me space because they knew that I was kind of trained in martial arts, So there was There's always something there that helped me, even in business voice, you know, not just on the streets.

  • People think sometimes.

  • Just, uh it's not just because, you know, martial art, that you're aggressive, that you're gonna be beating up people.

  • But marshals will give you the confidence you see to deal with any kind of situation.

  • So it doesn't matter of his big If he's strong, he's fast.

  • Once you have the confidence and you know what you can do that you can defend yourself, not attack somebody.

  • But defend yourself not to lose that person.

  • It's so you start looking at everybody a little different.

  • It's so true.

  • And for anybody listening to us right now, I highly recommend you go take a jujitsu class.

  • It doesn't matter if you're 80 years old or eight years old or a man or a woman or handicapped.

  • I mean, there's guys that train with one arm these days and beat people.

  • Um, my daughter learned you jitsu my son's air Gonna learn jiu jitsu.

  • It zone incredible martial art, way of life, you know, it really is have students.

  • I have taught all over the world I have about seven months of the year?

  • Yes.

  • And I encountered blind people learning the art of the system.

  • Um, you put in handed the gap and yeah, I'm dealing a lot of its soldiers right now.

  • The helping them out.

  • The program calls MVP, merging vats and players.

  • It's the combat veterans.

  • Then come back.

  • And I'm trying to help them out as much as I can.

  • My, my my wife.

  • Why don't you?

  • My wife?

and people say, Have you ever had a fight on the streets?

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