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  • hunger.

  • I don't mean the hunger's there anymore.

  • I think that life has become too easy.

  • People like Google or whoever they are.

  • They've told their employees, Don't come back to April.

  • What do you mean by that?

  • I mean, they don't actually need 800 square feet of office is because you don't come back to label means you're quite happy we can run our business.

  • You sit at home on your arm chairs and you do your communication and all that stuff.

  • It's a different era.

  • How did you find your inspiration?

  • Because this is back at a time when there's no YouTube, there's no self help books.

  • You're creating a company from scratch and going into the electron ICS business, which is a cutthroat business.

  • How did you even know how to do that stuff?

  • My first job was with an electron ICS company.

  • 17 years old, became their top salesmen, sell the goods, deliver the goods, collect the money on the penny, dropped with me one days to say, Well, you know, I could do this myself.

  • In fact, that's the story.

  • Don't listen to any bullshit from anyone else who claimed they started me off on all that crack is not true.

  • Why are you so passionate about other people making money?

  • It's a buzz, really.

  • To start from scratch again.

  • It can be done.

  • And I've proved it with 250 £0 investment with the right person with the right idea.

  • Someone who's got riel ambition to make a load of money.

  • That's what we want.

  • Make a load of money.

  • Focus.

  • Hard work.

  • Determination.

  • Simple is that don't try to go into something.

  • But you don't know anything about Mm.

  • Mhm e.

  • Uh huh.

  • Mm hmm.


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