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  • in Rio de Janeiro.

  • They knew the Gracie family were tough guys.

  • They knew well, not tough guys.

  • They knew your martial art was important.

  • They knew that you were hard fighters, like everyone who knew that in Rio.

  • That's correct, right?

  • But nobody knew that in America.

  • Exactly.

  • That's what happens when hard on first came to America and hospitals like nobody knew about my father.

  • We're talking to seventies.

  • Nobody knew what great.

  • Just Waas.

  • After all my father has done my family's done in Brazil.

  • Nobody knew about us.

  • So that's those hormones mission to spread out grace.

  • Usually it's in America, right?

  • And Hori in, used to teach.

  • And in his garage, I think they're in in Los Angeles.

  • And then sooner or later you kind of had these Gracie challenges where people would come in off the streets or bring their martial arts instructor because they wanted to fight you guys because you guys were always saying, We'll fight anybody anywhere, anytime.

  • And no one was really doing that back then, right?

  • We offer to the students, say, um, if you have ah, uh, somebody a teacher or martial arts that doesn't believe.

  • Bring them in because the students who come in and tell us back in the garage days Hey, my wrestling coach, um, doesn't believe this stuff works.

  • Sure, bring them in.

  • Bring him in.

  • But the idea was not the greatest challenge back then.

  • It wasn't exactly toe beat the them up to beat the crowd instructor or student or whoever shows up back in the garage.

  • The idea is to prove it to them.

  • They are style was better and tow gain that person as a student.

  • Because back then, we used to offer for every student for every student.

  • It was only privately half on her private class.

  • Okay, so every student that every friend that you bring to take a free lesson, private class, even if he doesn't stand up, it comes in.

  • Take one free private class.

  • You get a free private half an hour private too.

  • Okay, So your your friend who grab you gotta have a receive a private last.

  • So if you bring four friends, you got four privates.

  • If you come once a week, that's your month.

  • So that was it.

  • And then students used to spread out the world and then sometimes, once in a while telling shocked or a friend that's a black belt or somebody they know and and they gotta go out.

  • Don't believe in this stuff.

  • Sure.

  • One bringing me in and do you spy?

  • But they they will come in to fight.

  • We were on a mission to try to convince him to become a student.

  • So we can't beat him up.

  • What would usually happen?

  • What would happen usually when someone came in and wanted Thio, I don't know, fight or prove themselves.

  • What would usually happen?

  • Oh, they will come in.

  • We just like Okay, a lot of the times we filmed those, But a lot of the times you do your thing.

  • What do you wanna do?

  • The wrestler?

  • Well, just let's wrestle.

  • I don't believe you can take me down.

  • I'm the best wrestling town over here.

  • Sure, but when we go to the ground, even if you take me down, we continue and tell somebody quit.

  • So even if it takes me down, But now I'm on the bottom, but I submit him.

  • He's like, Wait, how did you do that?

  • That's not part of wrestling.

  • That's we're not doing wrestling or karate guys who show up and soon as we get in a clinch, take them down there like Okay, stop no stuff or what we said.

  • Let's continue it or somebody quit.

  • You seek right is good But if you don't know how to escape from the bottom you stuck.

  • So that was the idea is very were very under control, not toe hurt the possible future student.

  • But they would Muto fight us.

  • They wanna fight us!

  • We want to gain a new usedto.

  • Wow, my wife!

  • Stop my wife!

in Rio de Janeiro.

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