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  • tell me more about the D, v p.

  • Y.

  • And the yoga.

  • Because I told you about my journey with yoga and how there was something there.

  • But also the culture wasn't my thing.

  • So, like, I haven't done it now in a couple of years, and this is something you saw right away.

  • And you were like, I want this stuff, But I don't want this stuff, and I'm gonna make it my own.

  • I mean, can you Can you speak on that?

  • Because, you know, you make yoga, okay for tough guys to dio.

  • And I know a lot of your clients are the guys that would have never touched that.

  • But now they have this practice in their life that changes their life.

  • I think the first part of it was it was riel.

  • It was authentic.

  • Everybody knew.

  • I mean, I did interviews about it before it was ever a thing.

  • It started his yoga for normal people.

  • That's that's what I called it, what it was when it was just me doing it and people saw me change and they saw how you know, limber and freaking strong.

  • I waas if I'm still lifting weights back then to keep the cosmetic look right.

  • So this became my cardio.

  • This became my, you know, my strengthening and my core training, like the weights, were for the cosmetic.

  • You know, the GDP wide was so I could keep doing it.

  • And I knew that I was gonna end up doing it the rest of my life just CEO me.

  • And I get like, I'm six months of 65.

  • But if you saw the things I could do, you would go.

  • You're not over 38 physically and mentally.

  • What things I could do now.

  • I don't do stupid things, you know?

  • Not anymore.

  • Not enough of them, but the the whole part of the yoga thing.

  • The thing that I don't want to say turn me off because I respect all types of yoga today.

  • But in the beginning, it was the whole spiritually mumbo jumbo.

  • And and I didn't.

  • I respected it once I got into it, but I still didn't want to do it.

  • It wasn't for me.

  • And I know that I could be in the yoga world if I just would have just went to the left a little bit.

  • I could have been one of the biggest names in just yoga, but that wasn't who I waas, so I wanted to be true to myself.

  • I also knew that I didn't develop this workout, this lifestyle for yogis because they've got 1000 different types of yoga.

  • Plus they get it, the people who need it or the other 98% of the world that really needs some kind of.

  • We'll call it yoga in there light because they played sports.

  • They got hit by a car.

  • They got in the car action.

  • They fell off a bike, something you know they need it because it's not just physical.

  • It's mental to know spirituals, stuff with May.

  • If if there is a spiritual end, it's you can.

  • If you see I mean the people I'm working with right now, I tell someone asked me 12 years ago.

  • So where will Diamond Dallas page be in five years?

  • I said, I will be the next Jack Malene, who is a big fitness guy, you know, you know, in the States, I'll be the next Jack.

  • Elaine meets Tony Robbins meets straight Richard Simmons because I hope, ah, lot of big people you know, And but it's not just that we have these incredible weight loss stories, but my focus is the help.

  • When I developed this program, it was not me, but the help eyes beat up.

  • And we're athletes.

  • It was help cops.

  • It was the help fireman.

  • It was the help military.

  • Because these are the guys, guys and gals who got to go from 0 to 60 now.

  • How do you do that?

  • Well, you need to have, like, this inner strength and what d d p y gives you, Um, is like, if yoga is over here like we're way over here and I don't wanna be like it, I respect it, But I don't wanna be like it.

  • I wanna be different than because one of the things that I knew was gonna be the first people that would believe in May was the people who are fans of mine.

  • And they knew I wouldn't, like, get him to do something that wasn't riel.

  • That wasn't authentic.

  • My, my I love my wife.

  • Why my wife?

tell me more about the D, v p.

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