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  • And now, as your grandfather as my grandpa, your dad got richer.

  • Did it change him?

  • And did it change you guys as a family?

  • No, not really.

  • Although it was subtly, it wasn't a big spender.

  • But I'll give you an example.

  • We when we started working after a year to Tom and I had saved up some money in our bank accounts from working for $35 a week, and we had a couple grand.

  • Um, so he proposed that we form a partnership and do some business reforming speculation.

  • So the first thing we did was by 20 um, cabs from an auction in Phoenix and hauled him out there.

  • And we're gonna let them eat the weeds from the Dutch banks.

  • We weren't gonna feed him anything and we doubled our money.

  • We sold them for four grand later, and we took that and bought 40 your mind for 100 bucks apiece and selling for 200 bucks.

  • And so we double our money again, and we were cooking along on, and then we decided that we would buy some registered Angus, uh, better greet animals.

  • And so we ended up buying them from dad's Uncle Lewis because he had heard he was getting rid of it.

  • So he split the herd and my Uncle Calvin about half and we about half.

  • But the three of us bought that with our savings.

  • So we spent I don't know what it was.

  • It might have been a pretty good little song.

  • Hey, because of the because they wanted to get rid of them.

  • But we bought 14 in a bull and some and some cows and a few miscellaneous papers and little ones.

  • So we have about 10 or 15 registered.

  • Angus is We were sold.

  • We sold those on a regular basis and made, uh, recently had 25 or 50 grands over 250 grand in the pot after a couple two or three years just by way learned how Thio raise them and show them we took them to Tom and I both showed Angus bulls and the shows on the fair, dragging them around their yearlings there pretty big, but they're basically teenaged cows.

  • And so we had, uh, you do that in order to get people to pay more for for their Children, for their caps on DWI also ate one every year, so that was just skimmed off into our freezer s.

  • We had a lot of steak.

  • So one of things we were good with is that we ate Well, way barbecue T bone steaks.

  • Pretty much every weekend or every other weekend on git was all you could eat.

  • I have personally eaten three of them.

  • That's my best big inch and a half French quarter T bones about the size of your plate.

  • Uh, and so this is one of the things that that was famous with The people would come around and we'd go to the store and buy, I don't know, 15 or 20 of them from and there were relatives that ran the store as well.

  • But they were They didn't kind of big deal that they were there, and the stakes would be barbecued and you consumed instantly by the crowd.

  • So, yeah, there was little splurging, and then he gradually started, started buying some or investing more equipment.

  • And we're investing in the farm.

  • So he did land a leveling a water reclamation projects, um, different kinds of wells that would produce better water for the thing you know, more reliable, cheaper and equipment like like cotton picking machines, things that you needed to automate with.

  • So they re invested in in the farm eso, from that point of view that most of the appreciation all the all the crops, income with surplus was was used for that.

  • And and so why Why didn't you stay doing that?

  • Because you were good at it.

  • Why aren't you a farmer?

  • I will.

  • I will tell you the story of my cousin, said Palmer, who didn't who started to do that.

  • After after he got out of school, he went back to his dad's farm up near Coolidge again and he told me he was sitting out there one day after at the end of the second or third summer in the heat, driving on the tractor, he said, I'm not going to do this.

  • The rest of my life is going nowhere And I already figured that out.

  • This this and I was also doing well in school and all the school people encouraging Meteo go, some go to college and that was not agricultural school.

  • So that was gonna be science or technology eso that I've already made my mind by the time I was in high school that I was not gonna be a farmer after working on the farm that it wasn't the bad part of the farm.

  • It was that that it just didn't maintain.

  • I couldn't see doing that intellectually for the rest of my life.

  • Okay?

  • Really?

  • My my worship.

  • What?

  • Stop my wife.

And now, as your grandfather as my grandpa, your dad got richer.

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MONEY & HAPPINESS: Money Didn't Change Our Family & Why We Were Subtle - Brian Rose's Father

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