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  • And what's it like growing up in Rio de Janeiro?

  • I mean, I've been there.

  • Um, it's not as dangerous as people say it is, but it's Copacabana.

  • I mean, it's an intense place, right?

  • What is it?

  • What was it like growing up?

  • It's, uh, it's an awesome youth.

  • It is danger.

  • But we live life.

  • It's danger.

  • Yes, there is the the robberies that the crime that happens every day.

  • I'm not gonna say the peace in love place.

  • No, it's a It's a very warm people.

  • It's a very, uh, The food is awesome.

  • The people is awesome.

  • So every day they go to the beach, they live life.

  • They don't just yeah, people.

  • Sometimes in America, I think they work to live.

  • Just I mean the world every day to live life over that they live life and the work just enoughto live a good life.

  • It's a part of every day.

  • It's a part of me.

  • You go to the beach, you live life over there.

  • Yeah.

  • I first went to Brazil, I think in 2005, and I remember I stayed two weeks there, and after a week I realized that I was slowing down, you know?

  • And I remember I would walk down the beach in the first week.

  • I was like, Everyone's too slow.

  • I was going past people.

  • And then I realized, No, I'm too fast, you know?

  • And it was this slow way of enjoying everything.

  • Enjoying the beach, enjoying the asahi.

  • Enjoy your training.

  • It was a great contrast to feel that, you know, But the pupil was a very warming people.

  • Kind of like, uh, in the south.

  • In America.

  • They have that.

  • That the sudden hospitality, right?

  • Zil, They don't want you to go home.

  • You show up, E.

  • I bet the time came to go home.

  • Back to America or when you tell them.

  • Hey, I'm leaving tomorrow.

  • They're going.

  • Why?

  • Why don't you just stay longer?

  • Why you have to go.

  • They don't want you to go now.

And what's it like growing up in Rio de Janeiro?

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RIO DE JANEIRO: What It Was Like Growing Up In Rio De Janeiro & Why It's A Part Of Me - Royce Gracie

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