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  • What can we all learn from wrestling?

  • Like you said, I think one of the things I learned today was, you know, there's better.

  • There's more or less and different.

  • So if you can't be Mawr, you wanna be different.

  • That's one thing.

  • But what else can we learn?

  • Like everybody learn?

  • Is it all about It's It's a show.

  • Is everything the show?

  • Is it all about hype like I don't know.

  • You tell me.

  • I'll tell you what you learned 90% of those guys when they first started, and I don't mean the Hulk, Hogan's or the Brock Westerners or to Kurt Angle's I'm Talking about the Edge.

  • Adam Copeland, Uh J.

  • Rizzo, who was Christian The Diamond Dallas page.

  • The Daniel Bryan, uh, the Eddie Guerrero, the the Rey Mysterio.

  • Every one of those.

  • Every one of those guys were told they were crazy, that they would never get to the show.

  • All those guys I just name, they're all either Hall of Famers or future Hall of Famers.

  • They they believed in themselves.

  • It's the Rudy Effect.

  • Okay, I'm training Rudy right now.

  • The Rudy from Notre Dame, the Rudy Effect being told.

  • Are you crazy.

  • You're never going to be able to do that or they laugh at you because they don't see the vision that's owning it.

  • That's owning it at a different level when you are able to push off the naysayers.

  • And that could be your mom or your dad, that could be your wife.

  • That could be your uncle.

  • You're likely your best friends, and they're telling you part of it is they don't want to see you disappointed.

  • But that's how you get to where you're going.

  • No one gets immediate fame.

  • Money.

  • Uh, drinking respect.

  • You gotta earn it all and you gotta put the work in right inside my whole of fame ring.

  • The inscription says Work ethic equals dreams.

  • Explanation point, D, D.

  • P.

  • And I think when people look at a Ray Mysterio are Eddie Guerrero or Diamond Dallas Page or Daniel Bryan and they go Wow, those guys made it up to the tip it the top of the card.

  • They made millions of dollars, but they did what they love to do.

  • And when I was out in the Hollywood and I was trying Thio, I'm going to school with Sky Howard, find great acting coach.

  • I'm out there and this one producer wants to meet because a lot of people want to meet me when I first got out there because there were fans and this guy had done anything in a while, but I went to see him because there's no bad meetings, right?

  • And, uh, he said to me at one time, he said, uh So let me get this straight.

  • You captured lightning in a bottle like your career.

  • You've said it yourself.

  • You were the anomaly.

  • You said it never should have happened.

  • But it did.

  • He said you caught lightning in a bottle.

  • Now you come out here and you think you're gonna do it again.

  • He goes, This is like a trillion to what he goes.

  • The G, You ever pull this off, you know, are most likely never gonna happen.

  • And I said, Well, E only remembers last time I heard his first thing was John, I said, Well, John, I have to disagree with you.

  • He said, Really?

  • And why would you disagree with me?

  • With everything I've done?

  • Why would you disagree with me?

  • I said, because I know how I did it the first time.

  • You know, I didn't just It didn't just happen to me.

  • I put the work in at a completely different level, and right now, coming in the next year, I've got my own show coming out, and it's a very dark superhero show that will be on Netflix.

  • It took 22 years to get here.

  • Now we would explode.

  • Who knows?

  • You never know what's gonna hit, but it's a lead.

  • And it's with a lot of actors that are really good.

  • And the storyline is amazing and it's never been done before.

  • Why?

  • Why, what?

  • What, what?

  • Why stop my wife?

What can we all learn from wrestling?

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EARN IT: What I Gained From Wrestling Was That You Have To Believe In Yourself - Diamond Dallas Page

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