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  • all right, so we are six weeks away until Christmas is here, which is one of the most important trading seasons for our small and independent businesses here in Britain.

  • £82 billion is what Christmas is worth for the economy.

  • And yet, right now, with our Tier four lockdowns, the government has shut down independent traders while allowing big markets to sell the same goods.

  • And let me explain.

  • Right now, bookstores like Waterstones Air closed.

  • But wh Smith continue to sell books legal.

  • The grocery store can continue to sell Children's toys, and yet the independent traders are locked out because the government did not foresee this loophole in the law.

  • We must change this.

  • We must get ourselves out of lock down and give our independent traders the last chance they have the four weeks before and after Christmas in order to make up the large losses they have ensured.

  • This year, we've got to get this country back up and unlocked, and we've also got to stop these loopholes that allow these major mega corporations with their massive online presence is to cut out the little guy to cut out the independent traders that give this city, the culture Justus An anecdote.

  • My soup maker John Kent, who also make suits for damn Panya and the royal family.

  • You know, he's having tough times right now, So I've gotten out of my way to try to buy suits from him.

  • I'm not going toe marks and Spencer and ordering online.

  • I'm trying to support him.

  • I'm also trying to support my local independent grocer.

  • I'm trying to support all of my local people with their local businesses because they are being put out in the cold here because our government never thought about any of this because they put together thes quick emergency plans based on data that is inaccurate on.

  • Then they shut everyone down.

  • These businesses will never come back again.

  • Imagine if the craftsmanship of John Kent was allowed to die on the vine, never to be seen again.

  • You know, that would be a travesty, and we would slowly lose a little piece of the culture of London.

  • And that's why I keep emphasizing.

  • Get London back toe work, get London back toe work.

  • It's not just about the entrepreneurs, it's about all of us that are employed by them.

  • The people that get knock on effects from that employment and the culture it brings to this city.

  • People come here because of the black taxis.

  • People come here because of the suit makers.

  • People come here because the incredible independent restaurants they come here because of the amazing retail stores, the farm to table cooking, everything that makes this city great is all about the small and medium sized enterprises, which make 98% of the economy in this city.

  • And they're all being bled dry by our current crop of politicians, including your mayor of London, who crusaded for this lock down.

  • Who doesn't care a thing about independent businesses or their employees or the families that are allowed to stay in existence or the mental health of the people that are allowed toe work.

  • They're not thinking about this stuff and easily.

  • Neither is our prime minister, which is why we have to say enough is enough way need to take London in a new direction.

  • We need to prioritize the economic activity of this city on that will prioritize everything.

  • It will get us back toe work.

  • It'll help our mental health.

  • It will help our younger generation.

  • It will help everything.

  • And all we need to do is look at the actual numbers in the actual science.

  • It's right in front of our eyes.

  • It's just being ignored repeatedly by our politicians.

  • We've got to hold them to task.

  • We've got to say no Enough is enough.

  • Show us the signs before you lock down our country and stop with the loopholes.

  • Let's look after our independent traders and make sure they thrive as well.

  • Leave your comments below.

  • I'm curious to know what your thoughts are.

  • Are you suffering from one of these issues?

  • Are you one of these independent traders in the country?

  • Do you think we need to get out of lock down?

  • Leave me your comments below.

  • Share this video with friends and I appreciate your attention to this very, very important issue.

  • Thank you.

all right, so we are six weeks away until Christmas is here, which is one of the most important trading seasons for our small and independent businesses here in Britain.

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