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  • -One of our favorite guests,

  • Jerry Seinfeld, is gonna be on our Thanksgiving show,

  • our Thanksgiving night show,

  • to talk about his book, "Is This Anything?"

  • That's perfect for him. "Is This Anything?"

  • This book is incredible.

  • It is literally every joke that he's written

  • in his 45 years of doing stand-up comedy.

  • It's all in here.

  • You can just pick it up and read it to your --

  • Ooh, a secret message.

  • "Dear Jimmy. Take five paces to your left."

  • ♪♪

  • Five, okay.

  • "Turn 180 degrees.

  • Take five paces straight."

  • ♪♪

  • "Look at your desk."

  • It's Jerry's book. Oh, cool.

  • You get this book,

  • and you can just read it to your friends and your family.

  • It's like you're doing the best stand-up routine in the world.

  • It's really that great.

  • It's like the best joke book you can buy.

  • Anyway, we wanted to try something fun

  • called the Seinfeld challenge.

  • So, just pick up the book, and record yourself reading

  • your favorite routine like you're doing stand-up.

  • But don't do a Seinfeld impression.

  • Do it as you. Just be yourself.

  • Then send it into us by going to

  • theseinfeldchallenge

  • for more details.

  • We're gonna play some of our favorites for Jerry on the show,

  • and see if we can make him laugh with his own jokes.

  • It'll be fun.

-One of our favorite guests,

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