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  • So last night I watched the mayor's questions live online and listen to our current mayor.

  • Spend two hours asking various questions, including some from one of his challengers from the Conservative Party.

  • And if you wanna never get two hours of your life back, I highly encourage you to watch it.

  • I think about 140 people were watching it live on YouTube, which is pretty embarrassing in itself.

  • But it showed me what is becoming Mawr and mawr obvious about our current political system, because all I saw were bickering civil servants that we're clocking in and getting their paycheck for throwing out their cursory objections to each other.

  • And it was almost comical to see the conservative go after the labor go after the conservative go after the Lib Dem go after the Green Party, as our whole city council just traded these useless, thoughtless barbs at each other and then probably called it a night, went down to the pub together and had a laugh.

  • Why they collect their six figure salaries from the citizens of this city who aren't even allowed toe work because of their incompetence, their lack of leadership, which was obvious on the meeting, their disproportionate response to the virus and total lack of science based decision making.

  • They're asking for bailouts.

  • They're not providing us solutions, and it shows me what this two party system is all about.

  • They give you the illusion of choice.

  • Yeah, you can choose this guy over here or this guy over here, but it's the same thing.

  • Or it's the two different birds on this, uh, two different wings on the same bird as iced tea would say when it comes to the two party political system, it's the same nonsense agenda.

  • It's the same crop of politicians with their vested interests.

  • And they're one interest, which is to get elected again and keep going on.

  • Like I said on these on these, uh, councils and these these roles as politicians.

  • And if it wasn't so funny, it's sad, is what it is.

  • That's what I'm saying.

  • If it wasn't so sad, it would be funny, because it's just shocking to see what this country has turned into in many countries around the world.

  • With this illusion of choice, we need to completely change the game.

  • We've got to flip.

  • This business is usual political system on its head.

  • And we've got to show that the mayor of London can change a city with riel leadership.

  • And right now, the mayor of London phones it in every day.

  • Um, answer some questions about noise, pollution, uh, winds and complains and points the finger at Boris Johnson.

  • Uh, tells you not to go toe work and then he goes home.

  • Next year, he'll ask for five £10 billion to bail out the transport of London, which was failing before Cove it.

  • And he'll do it over and over again.

  • This has happened for 10 2030 years in many of our politicians.

  • We need to change that way.

  • Need to take London in a new direction.

  • We need real leadership at the top way.

  • Need someone that can promote this city as a global hub of commerce.

  • We really dio thistles.

  • One of the greatest brands in the world.

  • London Real.

  • That's why I named my show London Real.

  • It's an incredible brand.

  • This city, It's full of incredible people, incredible history, incredible culture and indomitable spirit.

  • Incredible innovation, incredible technology.

  • Why don't we use it?

  • Why don't we have leaders that feature us and focus us and incubate us and take us to the next level.

  • I don't know.

  • I don't know why.

  • I think it's because they only know how to do business, as politicians and politicians have always just trudged along in a mediocre way and they're basically glorified administrators and bureaucrats.

  • But that's not what the mayor of London needs to be.

  • The mayor of London needs to be a leader taking us in a new direction, bringing us new ideas that can reinvigorate the health of the city.

  • The mental health, the focus, the mind set, the business.

  • This is what a mayor should do.

  • This is what I'm going to do on May 7th, when you vote me in as your next mayor of London and we us together the nine million people here in London to 60 some million people here in Britain, the billions of people around the world are gonna show what great spirit looks like.

  • What fortitude looks like on what really progress makes.

  • It looks like when it comes to getting this city back toe work, putting our health first, putting science first, putting our family first, putting education, first on that's what we're gonna do.

  • I'm so excited.

  • We are moving into first place as we speak.

  • You know, the old party system is shaking in their boots and, yeah, they're going to come after us.

  • But, you know, take your best shot is what I have to say.

  • The evidence is there are policies air clear.

  • We take action.

  • We have a history of taking action here, and everyone knows that this is the most intelligent choice forward.

  • Let's get rid off.

  • You know, like I said, these career politicians thes city administrators with no vision for the future.

  • And let's find someone who could really make a difference in this city.

  • Leave your comments below.

  • Tell me if you agree or disagree, either way is fine.

  • Um, share this video if it resonates with someone.

  • More information coming soon on our website.

  • Brian from Here Don London.

  • As's faras volunteering and next action steps were excited.

  • I hope you are too.

  • We will take London in a new direction and make this city world class once again.

So last night I watched the mayor's questions live online and listen to our current mayor.

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