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  • -Oh, guys, I this is cool.

  • I saw PlayStation 5 was released today.

  • [ Crowd cheering ] Yeah.

  • So, here to talk about it are video-game bloggers

  • from the website Game-Squash Nick Ciarelli and Brad Evans.

  • Hey, guys. [ Cheers and applause ]

  • -Hey, Jimmy.

  • Stoked to talk all things PS5 with you.

  • -Yeah, the PS5 is a must-buy console.

  • -Yeah, there's so many cool games --

  • the new "Call of Duty," "Assassin's Creed."

  • What games are you guys most excited for?

  • -Just one.

  • The video-game adaptation of "About Schmidt."

  • -Wait. The Jack Nicholson movie?

  • They made that a PS5 game -- based on that movie?

  • -Yep. Gaming fans have been waiting since 2002

  • for "About Schmidt" to finally become a video game.

  • And, Jimmy, it doesn't disappoint.

  • It's the greatest video game of all time.

  • -Well, I don't know.

  • I mean, that new "Spider-Man" looks amazing.

  • You can play as Spider-Man,

  • swinging above New York City and --

  • -[ Scoffs ] You think that's cool?

  • In "About Schmidt," you can play as the movie's main character,

  • About Schmidt, walking very slowly around rural Nebraska.

  • -That's it?

  • -That's just three of the game's four levels, Jimmy.

  • I'm on a level now where you get in a hot tub

  • with your co-workers in a life-insurance office.

  • -Get this Jimmy.

  • You press the X button to open mail,

  • and the triangle button makes Schmidt say,

  • "I have a migraine."

  • The other buttons don't do anything.

  • -I'm just not sure that that movie

  • makes for a great video game.

  • -Don't knock it till you play it, Jimmy.

  • Oh, I'm on this boss fight right now

  • where you have to avoid throwing your back out

  • while sleeping on your son-in-law's water bed.

  • -The boss is a water bed?

  • -No, the boss is your bad back.

  • -And if you defeat your bad back,

  • you unlock Dermot Mulroney.

  • -Here, Jimmy.

  • Let me show you how awesome "About Schmidt" on PS5 is.

  • Here's some game-play footage.

  • -[ Groans ]

  • [ Groans ]

  • [ Groans ]

  • -That's the game? You're just sitting there.

  • -Yeah. That's the final level, where you reflect on

  • your relationship with your estranged daughter.

  • -Yeah, I can see that being fun.

  • -If anyone at home has cheat codes

  • for how to beat the retirement-dinner level,

  • please let me know.

  • My character keeps eating too many hors d'oeuvres

  • and dying.

  • -Nick and Brad from Game-Squash, everyone.

  • [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪

  • "About Schmidt" on PS5.

-Oh, guys, I this is cool.

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Jimmy Gets a Sneak Peek of a Brand-New PS5 Game

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/13
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