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  • -Guys, Chance the Rapper is gonna be on the show next week,

  • and we wanted to do something fun with him,

  • but we need your help.

  • It's for a new bit called "Kid Raps."

  • So, give your kid the title of one of Chance's songs.

  • Nothing else, just the title.

  • And have them write a rap based on that.

  • How young were you when you first wrote your rap?

  • -Um, I was actually 9.

  • -9 years old. -Yeah.

  • -Yeah. So, see if you can beat Tariq's age.

  • He waited a long time.

  • Too long, some say. -Yeah.

  • I was a late bloomer. -Yeah.

  • Do you remember what you rapped about?

  • -Yeah. -What was it?

  • -I mean, just being, you know, devastating.

  • [ Laughter ]

  • -That's not true at all.

  • -It's true. -No.

  • You were devastat-- You said how devastating you were?

  • -Yeah. -At 9 years old?

  • -Yeah. -Oh, come on.

  • -Okay. -Alright.

  • I want -- Do you have proof?

  • -Yeah, it goes... ♪♪

  • Well, I'm a hip-hopper, never-stopper

  • Rockin' all around the clock ♪ ♪ I'm Double T ♪

  • You know it's me ♪ ♪ I'm rockin' on the M-I-C ♪

  • The money-maker, booty-shaker, party-rocker, non-stopper

  • Girl-taker, heart-breaker, undercover

  • [ Rapping indistinctly ]

  • -Oh, my -- Oh! [ Cheers and applause ]

  • -♪ And I go by the name of Double T ♪

  • ♪ I'm so devastating

  • ♪ I want to make it

  • The rhythm on the mic, I'm dominating

  • -Whoa! Alright.

  • Look, so, your kids don't have to be that good, okay?

  • Don't pressure your kids.

  • Yeah... [ Laughter ]

  • Not everyone can do that. Oh, my gosh.

  • -Show-off. -Yeah, exactly.

  • You should have heard my first song. It was like...

  • -♪ My name's Jimmy Fallon, and I'm here to say

  • -Exactly.

  • Well, if you go to,

  • it has all the details.

  • It's gonna be fun. Check it out. And thank you, Tariq.

-Guys, Chance the Rapper is gonna be on the show next week,

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Submit Your Kid’s Rap for Tonight Show’s "Kid Raps with Jimmy & Chance the Rapper"

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/13
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