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  • if I would ask some of your best friends.

  • What is Michael Superpower?

  • How are you able to do everything you do?

  • What would What would be the things they say?

  • How are you able t o Do you think they would say?

  • Because there's a pattern of you, you know, accomplishing things that are important to you, whether it's in the city or in the House of Lords?

  • Well, I think, I mean, if you want to bring down to obviously I could say the Lord again.

  • I mean, because, you know, uh, I pray give me Christian work to do enjoy my heart as I do it.

  • In fact, the end of some 90 Moses says that.

  • Is that what length of our days?

  • What's the purpose of it, Lord, you give me work to do and gladness in my heart as I do it.

  • So that's I think it's a wonderful prayer toe have, actually.

  • But having said that, I think one's upbringing.

  • You do find Children with broken families, etcetera on maybe without a father.

  • Well, boys can be quite ambitious if you like, or working hard, just working hard, I must admit.

  • I mean, when I was at boarding school.

  • I mean, because of the family.

  • You know, my father having died and the situation at home, which wasn't good at all.

  • Particularly not for my sister.

  • You know, I misbehaved at school.

  • I was beaten a lot of beaten once in front of the whole school on board.

  • You.

  • You had that.

  • That's why you know, you get the I am alone business, and you've got to just do it yourself.

  • So there is that fight within you.

  • And you either have the fight or or either have it in you or you haven't knocked out of you.

  • And I guess I always thought they're not gonna knock it out of May.

  • So you've managed to kind of dance with that.

  • I am a rock Ivan Island feeling right?

  • That's what I'm trying to dio trying to recognize it.

  • It can be useful with channeled, but if it dominates you, it will lead Thio.

  • Not a pleasant life.

  • You see being a Christian, what's what's the heart of being Christian?

  • Jesus says, Well, what is the law?

  • Yeah, love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself.

  • It's all relationships.

  • You got the relationship that way.

  • First of all, which actually helps you with the relationships this way.

  • And life is about relationships without them.

  • What is it?

  • You couldn't be a billionaire, you know, you could be whatever you can have a big and you've got no committed loving relationships.

  • You've got a poor life.

  • The richness comes from giving and receiving in relationships.

  • That's where the family and family policy is so important.

  • Because it brings something rich into society on supportive for society.

  • My, my worship, my wife.

if I would ask some of your best friends.

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TOUGH UPBRINGINGS: How My Rough Childhood Made Me The Man I Am Today - Lord Michael Farmer

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