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  • Well, let's talk about how you found out about it.

  • Because the tika I knew from last year was a jet setter.

  • I mean, you know, you came to my house for dinner and Mariana cook for you, and you were telling us all the places you've been to, And I was like, Man, you spend more time on the road than you did it home and you were meeting with crypto experts and you were going all over the world, and that was your modus operandi.

  • That's how you got all the information.

  • And that's why you made these incredible picks, you know, over the course of your career.

  • But lately you've been locked down in Puerto Rico.

  • How did how did that actually help you with this new opportunity?

  • Because it's it's kind of counterintuitive.

  • So, you know, when I in March when you and I spoke, I had just come off five months of the most brutal travel schedule you can imagine So and it all culminated in in me coming up with this event, this five coins to five million event and which was hugely successful and and everybody who's got involved has made a ton of money on I said, Okay, that's it.

  • All right.

  • I can relax for the rest of the year.

  • You know, we'll just, of course, continue monitoring the crypto markets, talking about new ideas that they come up.

  • But, you know, as far as having to travel and go crazy, I don't need to do that.

  • I could just do calls like this.

  • So what happened was I ended up having a conversation with a guy who is an expert in his field, but has he knows nothing about crypto.

  • So we were talking about crypto, and he asked me this really insightful question about how crypto currencies air issued and how they handle their supply on the way that he asked that question got me thinking about Wow.

  • I wonder if there's this special thing out there that we can look at in the code that can tell us when the issuance is going to change right or how it's going to change.

  • And so I have a I have a very large team of researchers working for me.

  • I do not know how to read coat.

  • All right, let me tell you that right now, I barely even know how to use an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Okay, so truth and confessions, Um, but I have brilliant people that work for me, and this is kind of a little note to anybody else out there.

  • Maybe you didn't do so great in school.

  • Maybe you don't think your that smart.

  • That's okay.

  • You can always hire smart people toe work for you.

  • All right?

  • So just keep that one in the back of your mind.

  • So I have a whole lot of smart people that work for me, and I said, Okay, I want you guys look at these coins on.

  • I want you to find any coins that have this this kind of cork in their code, and they did, and they found 30 of them.

  • And then I said, Okay, that's great.

  • I want you to go back several years now and look for other coins that have had the same quirk in their code and see how they have done.

  • And they did.

  • And the results were mind boggling.

  • So if you just knew about this change in the code and you used the last time we had a lot of these co changes take place, the average gain per coin was something like 29,450% The average game, 29,450% somewhere in that range.

  • So when I saw that, I realized OK, this is not just random noise.

  • This is statistically significant.

  • And, uh, I gotta bring this to my readers.

  • Yeah, and again, like those kinds of numbers, you know, for for guys like you and me that used to be on Wall Street, you know, in the nineties and the two thousands.

  • You know, you never saw anything on Wall Street get those kinds of gains.

  • And so that's why people have a hard time getting their head around 29,000% gain.

  • But the thing is, it's on Lee for a small number of those kryptos.

  • And I think there's 7078 kryptos on the market right now.

  • And I think you said Onley.

  • About 30 of those have this.

  • You're calling it like a clock or something that's embedded on their downtime.

  • Or think of it like a countdown timer to a co change.

  • And then once that co change triggers, right when that countdown time, it gets all the way down and triggers.

  • Yeah, we see a massive explosion in the Valley of the coin, and it's like that counts down to all zeros when it counts all zeroes.

  • That's when you see that go up.

  • And I mean, is there any other similar market that has something like that?

  • Is there any analogy to explain to people why, at that time it's all of a sudden worth more?

  • The best analogy I can draw and this doesn't happen in any other market that I've seen is if you take up a large public company like I think I've mentioned this before with you something like Apple.

  • But I don't I forget how many shares Apple has outstanding.

  • Let's say it's a billion shares.

  • It's more than that.

  • But let's say it's a billion shares.

  • An Apple changes theory Mount of shares.

  • It has outstanding.

  • Let's say it buys back 30% of its shares right and doesn't issue anymore.

  • New shares commits to never issuing any more new shares for all those shares that are left outstanding.

  • They all become infinitely more valuable, right, because there's gonna be no more delusion and 30% of the float has been taken out of the market so that I've never seen that happen in the stock market.

  • But but something like that every few years occurs in the crypto market.

  • And if you could if you could identify what those coins are, you can make an enormous amount of money and, you know, without giving everything away.

  • Like what kind of time means are we talking about Here?

  • Are these, like, months away or years away or decades away?

  • One of these these.

  • These these things count down to zero.

  • So there's one that's gonna be counting down to zero as early as November 18th on Bears a few that are coming several weeks after that.

  • So so timing is important that there's a reason why I'm going out and talking about this now because many of these coins start to run before their countdown timers go to zero.

  • And what I think happens is probably programmers that air in the note, probably by a bunch of coins, and then call their buddies like, Hey, listen, you gotta know things happening, and then you start seeing the price creep up.

  • And then, of course, when the countdown time it hit zero and that that co change takes place.

  • Then it gets announced to the world and the coins just go insane.

  • My wife wild my wife.

Well, let's talk about how you found out about it.

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THE SECRET CRYPTO COUNTDOWN: How I Found Out More Information About This Opportunity - Teeka Tiwari

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    Summer posted on 2020/11/12
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