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  • Hi guys, I'm Moses Storm.

  • Have you ever been watching the movie "Minority Report"

  • and thought instead of a well-structured story,

  • it was just comedians talking about their genitals?

  • For "Moses & Friends" on November 17th,

  • we're partnering with InCrowd

  • so we can do a little bit more interactive of a show.

  • We can have you on one of these screens

  • if you want, or you could silently watch

  • and keep your mic on and just keep breathing heavy.

  • That's a fetish of mine.

  • Or you can interact with the comics.

  • We're gonna have comedians on,

  • we're gonna have a special guest I'm gonna interview.

  • It's all going to happen here

  • in this room that they will not let me leave.

  • Please, if you see my family, tell them I'm here.

  • Tell them I am here against my will.

  • They keep cranking up the heat in increments.

  • I know what they're doing.

  • They're trying to make me go crazy.

  • I'm not crazy.

  • You're crazy!

  • That's November 17th.

  • So go to

  • They keep throwing wet bread down from the ceiling.

  • Get me out of here.

  • (upbeat music)

Hi guys, I'm Moses Storm.

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Be Part Of The Virtual Crowd For "Moses & Friends" - Team Coco LIVE x InCrowd

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/12
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