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  • just tell me about you.

  • Do you have daily practices that you do personally?

  • That air just non negotiable, that allow you Thio have all the energy you have thio work every day.

  • Um, do I have daily practices?

  • Well, I I mean, what 11 gets into rhythms if you like.

  • Andi, I think I think being active particularly mentally also physically.

  • I mean, I walk a lot.

  • I used to run etcetera, but I mean, obviously prayer in the morning to start the day off, reading the Bible, eyes important, trying toe, be with Christians or have exposure to Christians from today.

  • Encouraging other things is quite important.

  • If you can talking about the Lord at home.

  • I mean, do Deuteronomy.

  • It says, I think it says that table.

  • Just talk about the Lord when you're walking down the road or when you were you're thinking about just what's he doing being thankful?

  • Being thankful is a very important thing.

  • You can once you start being thankful and you start praying and you could just go on and on, you could spend all day being thankful.

  • Actually, it's a very wonderful thing to be thankful.

  • I mean, I mean, I'm just gonna go off on a in a cul de sac here a bit, but with Georgia, how it waas.

  • We had a little cottage down in the country, and it was a flat.

  • We had a huge skyscraper escape.

  • I remember once being out on the little road outside us.

  • There was this wonderful sunset.

  • There was purples and blues and yellows and oranges, and they're all changing at the same time I was going Wow, look at that.

  • And there was a cat sort of rubbing itself against the leg.

  • You know what?

  • I was with George?

  • I said, You know what, George?

  • I said that that picture is just for us.

  • If you're further up there, it'll be a different picture.

  • And I said, You know, that picture is just for us, and you know what we can say.

  • Thank you, Lord.

  • Look atyour artistry.

  • Why do you have all those colors?

  • Why do you have that magnificent picture?

  • Um to look at and it's to praise you if I if I didn't know the Lord, I just looked it and say, That's a great sunset.

  • And you know what happened to get dust in the atmosphere of the sun's going down, etcetera, etcetera.

  • But actually, why should there be those colors there?

  • Why should I mean, who's appreciating it?

  • The cow in the field is still chewing the cut, all right, The cat isn't interested.

  • Uh, it's only a human being that's interested.

  • It's only and I could say to George, look at that and say Thank you, Andi.

  • So it's very important to be thankful at all times on there's so much to be thankful for.

  • But otherwise I think you just I think, work life relationships, being involved with people.

  • I think I'll be a bit sad if I was not involved with people.

  • Frankly, Wow.

  • Not my words.

  • Wild My wife.

  • Uh huh.

just tell me about you.

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DAILY PRACTICES: What Rhythms I Get Into To Stay Mentally & Physically Active - Lord Michael Farmer

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