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  • Nick, tell me, what is the way forward?

  • What is the next five months look like, Are you out of the clear?

  • You know, I'm the kind of guy that never celebrates because I'm always worried for the other shoe to drop, but like, what happens?

  • Because we got a winter to get through.

  • You know, we've got also ah, lot of politicians that, you know, still are gonna have these same patterns of behavior.

  • You know, I'm not listening, not going by the science for whatever reason.

  • So what do you think happens until next summer?

  • From a political perspective, I mean it.

  • It's hard for me, you know, being somebody of my generations that have any faith in the system.

  • Um, we do need a system in place.

  • I just think the one that we have right now is entirely redundant.

  • You know it it's evidenced over and over that it doesn't work, and it's fine that it doesn't work.

  • It just means we need to get with the times.

  • Should be just need an entire, you know, revamp of the system on.

  • Look at the way that we do things on.

  • Look, look, look.

  • Look at how we proceed any more analytical, scientific way, you know, Let's let's look at the evidence is look at the data.

  • Let's scrap everything that we've been doing before and you know it's gonna take a whole lot of way.

  • But for what?

  • It will save us in both lives on bond finances for, you know, for the economy as a whole.

  • If we do actually reform the system, you know it.

  • The potential for that is huge.

  • It's astronomical now.

  • So, Allah, for our sector.

  • The next step for us now is to try and push the health and fitness industry onto the essential services list.

  • Now that's ogle.

  • I think bigger picture because their industries need people to step forward, who are articulate people who have the information.

  • You could make the same fights that we can fight.

  • Obviously, we've been asked along the way why?

  • You know why you guys not fighting for other industries were guys.

  • If I had that information at hand, I would use my platform to do so, you know, But the last thing that you want is me stepping up and making the fight for hospitality and having the wrong information on me.

  • being annihilated online.

  • I mean, I I had a we had a conversation with Sky live on.

  • The lady tried to trip me quite quite severely and it didn't end well for here whatsoever, you know, because I had the information and it couldn't be argued with because it was government data and she just had no report whatsoever.

  • However, if I make that argument for hospitality and I lose that argument, then the public lose all faith in that campaign, you know?

  • So I think every sector right now needs a voice.

  • I think they need a voice that represents the sector.

  • I think they need to go hand in hand with their politicians.

  • You know, even if it's fresh blood, let's get some fresh blood in there.

  • Let's get them working with local businesses because, as it stands, the people, the people that we've elected to represent the people are not engaging with the people.

  • Now that is, that's a failed system.

  • You know, my people are my generation.

  • Specifically, we use Instagram.

  • You will not find politicians on Instagram.

  • You'll find maybe 1% of politicians on Instagram because they're just not in touch with that.

  • Well, then fair enough.

  • They don't want to do that.

  • But how are they gonna know the feelings of the people that they want toe vote If they're not engaging, if they're not on the same platforms, If they don't even have a representative of themselves on the platforms that we use to engage with the rest of the country, it makes no sense.

  • So I think we need new leadership.

  • I think it's more likely that we can make change with new leadership than rather trying to, you know, teach an old dog new tricks.

  • I know that sounds disrespectful to those that are in power now, but I think it's mostly a generational thing.

  • There are people of that generation who do understand my generation, and that's fantastic, but the few and far between.

  • But they do exist, and it is important to note that.

  • But I think the majority off the people in power that we have right now are not in touch with the real world.

  • My house.

Nick, tell me, what is the way forward?

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THE WAY FORWARD: Why The Government System & Policies Right Now Are Redundant - Nick Whitcombe

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    Summer posted on 2020/11/11
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