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  • Steve, what is your biggest challenge right now?

  • I'm just in this current point in time.

  • And then I'd love to find out about what the last six months were like because what a what a very challenging year, but also, you know, a lot of incredible opportunities.

  • But right now, what is your biggest challenge with the current state of things and then facing what could be, ah, long recession and potentially even more people on the streets?

  • What's on your mind right now?

  • Yeah.

  • Suddenly, you can't describe what's on my mind now without looking back over the last six months and actually over the last five years.

  • So if we take a and it's almost a period of 25 years, potentially with us at the start of the next five year period, if we look back over the last five years, we saw rough sleeping in England, Rising year on year Onda.

  • We were very clear.

  • Solutions were around funding for accommodation and funding for support.

  • The work that our outreach teams do provides advice and support and provides a route through work that our hostel workers so we provide accommodation in our hostels and in a longer term accommodation.

  • We also provide routes through the accommodation home.

  • The people of it needs support as well.

  • The over the last five years we've seen an increase.

  • We've had austerity, We've had recession.

  • We've had tough times, particularly for local authorities, and then coming through that our clients as well.

  • And we saw a year on year rise is in bonuses and rough sleeping within in London with 11 year exception.

  • That year on year rise is last year alone toward 22% increase rough sleeping.

  • Then we had the pandemic.

  • So the last six months and the reason that it is willing to train.

  • That day we had five years rises year on year.

  • Then we had the pandemic and we had three everyone in initiative that you may have heard off.

  • So this was effectively a response.

  • Teoh a public health emergency that saw government provide the funding to local authorities that was needed bringing homeless charities like ours, bringing local authorities together, bringing public health ever thio actually just get everyone in on Brian, you look too young.

  • But there was a time when easyJet, the budget airlines, used to have a policy.

  • You couldn't book your seats.

  • You got your ticket.

  • You turned up.

  • They opened the doors.

  • Then everybody rushed in on just dived for the seat that you could find.

  • Well, everyone in was a little bit like that.

  • It was swoop.

  • Everybody are.

  • Get them into safety.

  • Do the assessments work out?

  • What?

  • Their long term solutions are?

  • A little bit chaotic first, but what it proved was the local authorities, housing organizations, homeless charities like ours.

  • Public health, your sources, all working together could make a huge difference.

  • And there was a huge volunteer effort as well.

  • We had GPS who were coming off there.

  • General practitioners, Bottas nurses coming off their shifts and then coming and volunteering in some of the hotels that we were running during the height of the pandemic.

  • We were managing 15 hotels so effectively, what everyone ended was move everybody off the streets, move them out of communal shelters into self contained accommodation in hotels, bed and breakfast.

  • And like where we could provide the support that was needed.

  • The assessment, what we called triage.

  • So it was working with the local authority.

  • What housing options are working with GPS on what the health needs might be on then working through.

  • So what does that mean In terms of accommodation and support?

  • And it was a It was absolute success.

  • Um, we are clear.

  • Anybody who's worked on the program is clear that it saved lives.

  • Wow, My wife.

  • Why stop my wife?

Steve, what is your biggest challenge right now?

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THE PAST 5 YEARS: What We Have Learnt About Homelessness From The Last Five Years - Steve Douglas

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