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A great battle awaits us soon...
...the best will be tested against the best...
...it's all about spirit, honour, and courage...
...the whole world will be watching...
Who do you support?
The World Football Championship in Brazil!
Wargaming introduces a new World of Tanks game mode
specially dedicated for this event!
The reworked Himmelsdorf will become the place of real football battles!
A sport version of the T-62A will be added
to your Garage for the duration of the event.
Form a platoon of 3 players and show everyone what you are capable of.
Or just click the "Battle!" button
and you'll be teamed up with other players automatically.
Matches will be held in a 3x3 format and will last 7 minutes.
The first team to score 3 goals wins.
Become the top-scoring player in World of Tanks!
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World of Tanks: Football Edition [EU]

3391 Folder Collection
林筠芳 published on June 24, 2014
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