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  • talk to the people that are listening to us now that have never bought a crypto that still think it's something for the kids and the hoodies.

  • And, you know, it's something that you know used to be a nefarious instrument.

  • But they keep reading in the papers that all of a sudden this hedge funds buying crypto and all of a sudden this bank is buying crypto somebody in England, in the Bank of England or the other day said something that they needed to get in crypto like, What do you say to those people that still don't understand this asset class?

  • I would say that you don't have to understand how a jet engine works to know that it's much more efficient to get on a plane to go to L.

  • A.

  • From New York than the driving a car or get on a horse.

  • So get over trying to understand every single aspect of it and understand the people way smarter than me.

  • Way richer than me are getting involved in crypto right pull to to Jones with $8 billion the guy built his entire fortune at a traditional equity markets and commodity markets.

  • He put 2% of his net worth into Bitcoin.

  • Think about that.

  • Think about that.

  • I've never made eight billion.

  • Have you ever made eight billion?

  • No.

  • Right is damn pen you ever made.

  • Eight billion?

  • No.

  • So think about who you wanna listen to.

  • You wanna listen to the guy who's never been rich, who's never been right on the stock market or any asset?

  • Or do you wanna listen to the billionaires?

  • I wanna listen to the billionaires.

  • Tim Draper made over a billion dollars in the In the VC world.

  • Mark Andresen made billions of dollars in the VC world all in on Bitcoin, Right?

  • I wanna look at what the guys that run ice, which is the Intercontinental Stock Exchange that owned the New York Stock Exchange, one of the largest exchange operators in the world that have committed millions of dollars to create regulated exchanges to trade crypto currency.

  • All right, I wanna look at PayPal, which has, I think, like a $200 billion market cap right now is something insane?

  • They're getting involved in Bitcoin and other kryptos.

  • So who do you wanna listen to?

  • That's what it comes down to, man Who do you want to listen to?

  • You want to listen to your own advice?

  • Ask yourself, Are you a millionaire?

  • Are you a billionaire?

  • Have you moved the needle on thousands of people's net worth?

  • Do you run a massive business?

  • You gotta look at the results in your own life and say, um, I qualified to say that this is a bad investment when so many other smarter, richer people are saying no, you know what?

  • It's actually a good investment.

  • Now, there are a few people that have the courage toe look in the mirror and own that about themselves.

  • And if you are one of them watching today, then congratulations.

  • You're gonna be able to put yourself in a position to take advantage of crypto and ride that next move higher.

  • And if you're sitting there and saying, Oh, Tori doesn't know what he's talking about, I know better than him.

  • Thistle just bs.

  • You're going to see me in a year here with Brian talking about the millions of dollars my people have made the millions of dollars that I've made.

  • And you're gonna dismiss it because your ego won't be ableto handle it and that will continue for the rest of your life.

  • And you will never, ever get where you want to go until you snap yourself out of your trance and understand that you don't know everything you don't.

  • And sometimes you have tow.

  • Listen, toe other people.

  • I'm saying it doesn't have to be me.

  • Listen to pull to To Jones.

  • Listen to Draper.

  • Listen to an treason.

  • Listen to the guys over papal.

  • Listen to the Winkle.

  • Voss twins.

  • It doesn't have to be me.

  • My, my worship.

  • Why don't you want Stop my wife?

talk to the people that are listening to us now that have never bought a crypto that still think it's something for the kids and the hoodies.

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