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  • the sun is getting brighter on your face out.

  • And it really Honey, could you Honey, can you stand with the piece of cardboard and be my What is that called the gaffer?

  • Look, I'm not saying it's bad.

  • I think it actually looks good.

  • It looks like you can use that.

  • You see the sun on my face, honey?

  • Yeah, there were fired.

  • There we are there now.

  • I don't have it.

  • Right.

  • Um, now it looks good.

  • Perfect lighting now?

  • Yeah.

  • This is like true faux film.

  • It's beautiful.

  • Uh, the out.

  • Let's talk about your podcast.

  • The Al Franken podcast.

  • Um, here's Here's my wife E like the sign she's holding up is pretend toe like Conan O Now I'm tilting.

  • Okay, Okay.

  • Let's talk about the podcast.

  • You know, Franken, podcast.

  • Terrific podcast.

  • And thank you.

  • You're Yeah, you're on your merchandise is selling like hotcakes.

  • Tell me about the merchandise.

  • Well, I have this and it won't read, which just wasn't read.

  • But this is a skin.

  • It's the I.

  • And I hate Ted Cruz.

  • Pint glass with etched in glass.

  • And this is a drawing I did of Ted while he was sneering across to May.

  • You found a rare moment when he was sneering.

  • Yes, well, he froze in this this sneer by while and so that's one of the products on the Al Franken podcast store.

  • Tweeted about it.

  • He heard about this thing and he tweeted about it.

  • Hey, yeah, which only made people more aware of your pint, glass and eso There's it's selling out this pine class.

  • It's all out.

  • So you so you could go to the Franken podcast store and say, I want one in two months or something like that.

the sun is getting brighter on your face out.

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Al Franken’s Ted Cruz Pint Glass Is Sold Out - CONAN on TBS

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/10
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