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  • exile.

  • 321 Axle is one cool raccoon.

  • He's funny, fearless and likes going fast.

  • Excellent, excellent.

  • Loves driving his truck, even if it takes him a pro.

  • Oh, but no matter what, Axl always helps his team deliver the package.

  • Come on, Big way could do this, and he's never afraid to admit if he's made a mistake.

  • Rain or shine.

  • Axel will deliver that package on time.

  • It making this delivery altogether made it way better.

  • Wait.

  • Hes up.

  • Yeah, Hazel the cat is silly, adventurous and loves to take to the skies up.

  • Okay, Theo.

  • Only thing that Hazel loves more than tacos.

  • Tene tacos, for everyone is delivering packages in her super cool helicopter, delivered with Kit Wow Thanks, Pickwick Pack Along the way.

  • Hazel loves toe, have fun, dance and laugh with her friends.

  • Let's go pick it back.

  • Even though Hazel can sometimes get distracted, she'll do whatever it takes to deliver the package.

  • And no, she can count on her friends for help.

  • That's why we're team.

  • Yea, Hazel e back.

  • Suki.

  • Yeah, yeah, let's do it.

  • Did you know Suki the Hedgehog is the leader of the Pickwick Pack?

  • She's responsible thoughtful.

  • Everything you did took a lot of skill and always supports her team.

  • Everything is better when we do it together.

  • Let's trick the map and make a plan.

  • Suki checks the map at The Pickwick Post to find the best route for delivering the package.

  • Yeah.

  • Hello, Pickwick Pack.

  • Suki loves delivering packages in her boat.

  • She's a great captain and an even better friend.

  • You can always count on Suki Teoh.

  • Get the job done.

  • Come on, Pickwick.

  • Catholic.

  • Shake it to the top and make every delivery in Pickwick.

  • Super Special.

  • Her for Captain Way.

  • Keep more.

  • Tibor The Hippo is strong, reliable and loves to keep things on track.

  • That's why T board drives the train.

  • All aboard.

  • Tibor loves to go slow and steady.

  • Clickety clack.

  • This train is on track, but not every delivery goes to plan.

  • Train cars were splitting.

  • Hi, Suki.

  • E can do this when a delivery goes off.


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Meet the Pikwik Pack Crew! | Compilation | Pikwik Pack | Disney Junior

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