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  • It's time for this week's parting shots.

  • Antonio Brown is back in the NFL in his first media availability as a Tampa Bay buccaneer.

  • It was clear that Brown is focused on football and aware that this is probably his last chance.

  • He and his former offensive coordinator, Bruce Arians, seemed to have made peace.

  • Everything is right, at least as far as football goes, and that just is clearly is the only thing that matters to Brown and his new team.

  • Maybe the Bucks were truly swayed by Brown's relationship with self help guru Tony Robbins and believe they've got a new man.

  • More likely, though, is the Bucks think Brown lay low long enough to not be PR poison, and they could get through the season without Brown causing problems in 2019, despite getting himself run off the Raiders after the Steelers basically gave him away, the Patriots rolled the dice on Brown.

  • What happened next was a sexual assault allegation and threatening text messages sent to his accuser.

  • The latter cost him his job, but only cost the Patriots cap space.

  • They cut him and acted like nothing happened.

  • If Brown could stay on the Tampa Bay active roster.

  • He'll be a changed man in the eyes of the NFL.

  • But all the Bucks one is a reliable employees, and if being a better man makes him that they'll take it.

  • If he's the same duty was but a better worker.

  • They'll take that, too.

  • Perhaps a year in exile and a suspension from the NFL is enough punishment for Brown, but it seems the Bucks care most that we don't care anymore.

  • The Patriots are finally struggling, and it's lit a fire under the already hot debate of Brady versus Bill.

  • All I'm asking is that we look at the entire picture.

  • New England entered this offseason with more uncertainty than Foxboro is seen in a generation without Tom under center.

  • After not taking a quarterback in the draft, the rampant speculation revolved around them tanking.

  • Then, when they signed Cam Newton to a one year value deal, Suddenly they were smarter than the rest of the league and sure to win division championships.

  • That's the danger off hot takes.

  • Sometimes they burn us.

  • So now what?

  • The non hot take answer is actually simple.

  • Bill Belichick and the Patriots did what virtually every other team has done.

  • At some point, they took a flyer on a quarterback and missed.

  • We can talk about the salary cap issues, the resetting of the roster and the complications of 2020.

  • But this is a quarterback driven league.

  • Having Brady for years allowed them a higher level of forgiveness for drafting poorly and allowed us to overlook the roster shortcomings.

  • Now, without transcendent talent under center, those warts are exposed.

  • Brady's success.

  • Cannon has to be immediate.

  • He's a player.

  • Belichick runs an entire organization.

  • As such, he can't be judged based on a bad signing and half of a bad season.

  • The telling moment in Foxboro is what's next and how they rebound from this mistake.

  • That's what separates legends from frauds when building a franchise.

  • The next time you hear someone telling athlete to shut up and dribble, ignore them like your rights depend on him because it was their voices that helped contribute to a massive movement of protecting, fighting for and urging the exercise of the right to vote for all of us.

  • According to the Washington Post of current projections hold, some 66% of Americans will have voted in this year's November elections, the highest percentage since 1900.

  • That's in no small part, thanks to scores of athletes making this their signature issue, whether through marches, voter registration drives or marshaling their collective power to fight suppression.

  • Athletes have changed the voting game.

  • But it was more than that.

  • They made voting cool toe identify with them as a fan was to identify with voting even their personal stories like Shock and Bradley Beal, admitting they never voted until this year, helped reach those who felt their vote didn't matter and assure them that their vote every vote in fact, does Voting is one of the most fundamental ways we can affect change in this country.

  • And athletes voices helped so many realize that what better reason to speak up?

  • It's far from a hard and fast rule.

  • If you're a Mets fan, you don't have to be a Jets fan and vice versa.

  • However, that's the more typical alignment than Mets Giants or Jets Yankees.

  • I'd say roughly 60% of Mets fans or Jets fans, and I'd say roughly 70% of Giants fans or Yankees fans.

  • How do I know this dough?

  • I dated to back me up.

  • Polls, surveys, Facebook, Heat maps.

  • No, none of the above.

  • But I'm right.

  • Nevertheless, why does it matter?

  • Well, it matters today.

  • Friday, November 6th because at the precise moment that Mets fans have finally been given hope that there might be a better future with the installation of one of America's richest men is the team owner.

  • Never has being a Jets fan.

  • Seymour.

  • Hopeless.

  • Slightly irrational but understandable exuberance might be the best way to characterize the emotions Mets fans are feeling.

  • The cash strapped Wilpon family is out.

  • The billionaire times.

  • 14.

  • Steven A.

  • Cohen is in, but no Babe Ruth, Willie Mays and Sandy Koufax aren't free agents this winter.

  • Well, Mazen Koufax are technically, but they're no longer in their primes.

  • As for the Jets, as New Yorkers like to say, Oy, the misery is fathomless, the ineptitude frightening the whole franchise joyless.

  • But now, at least, all those Jets Mets fans have something in their lives that brims with possibility.

  • The good news.

  • Spring training is a mere four months off the bad.

  • It's only Week nine for the Jets.

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It's time for this week's parting shots.

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