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  • there is William Blake, the man himself.

  • Alright, what am I doing out here?

  • I am about to train.

  • So because the prime Minister of England decided that my gym was not an essential service not necessary to keep up my immune system to keep up my health to keep up my mental health.

  • Um Then I am coming into other options.

  • And so I am here by the grave of the great William Blake and some other incredible monuments and a bunch of dead people in my favorite graveyard.

  • And I'm about to do my boss routing shadowboxing routine, which is seven rounds, three minutes each with one minute break in between with 15 Burpees in between and another 25 at the end.

  • It's gonna wreck me.

  • I haven't done this since the last lock down because I had a gym on.

  • I've been I've been getting soft in that gym.

  • So I say thank you for this lock down because that's gonna make me get hard again and push myself.

  • So I'm finding new and creative ways of working out.

  • I'm gonna do yoga and the stairwells, I'm running.

  • I'll be doing shadow boxing and Burpees out here in public, Um, whatever it takes.

  • And that's the important lesson here.

  • When life throws your lemons, you gotta make that lemonade.

  • We can't sit around and whine and complain, Yes, we have to put our points of view out there, but you gotta keep your routine or is my good friend Wes Watson from California says you've got to stick to your program in prison.

  • You know, you gotta stick to your routine no matter what.

  • And we got to do that no matter what.

  • And that means having a schedule, doing your disciplined activities, staying away from those of those vices, staying positive and leading your friends and family with that great outlook.

  • That's what we got to dio as men, as women, as everybody.

  • Really, um, Children.

  • Everyone could be a leader.

  • So it's important that when times get tough, you know, you buckle down and you show the world that you can You can even thrive in those times that air tough.

  • So I don't have the beautiful Jim.

  • I don't have my break dancing space.

  • I don't have my pool, you know.

  • I don't have my little weights.

  • Aiken squat.

  • I don't have my pullup bar.

  • But I'm gonna find a way to make it even better because of this.

  • And that's what this is all about.

  • So, you know, they say hard times don't last hard people dio So be the hard person during these times, become that hard person on take all these hard times and turn it into a character that is unstoppable and unbreakable in the future.

  • That's what we need.

  • That's what we need more of.

  • So I'm gonna bust out this routine.

  • I'm gonna record it or try to record it here on this phone and uploaded if you want to try to do it.

  • Um, I put some music in and it's boss count, counting out punch conversation combinations.

  • And then he's got sprawls in between.

  • Where you hit the floor, it's Ah, it's brutal.

  • It's the equalizer Burpees of the great equalizer.

  • That and Hill sprints.

  • Yeah, and he showed me anybody who can bust out Burpees and hill sprints and they're in good shape.

  • So I'll be doing this.

  • Make sure you move your body every single day out there, and I don't care if that's a 10 minute yoga routine you download on YouTube.

  • or you watch on YouTube.

  • Thio.

  • Ah, quick run around the block.

  • But do something.

  • It'll help everything.

  • Mental health, physical health, mindset, optimism, depression, everything.

  • It's so important, so find a way to happen.

  • Don't look for excuses.

  • Look for solutions.

  • There's always a way again, Back to my good buddy West Watson.

  • He was locked up in a cell for 14 months, and he worked out every single day and kept to his program and kept his mind set on.

  • That's what we gotta do in these times.

  • So, uh, let's stay positive out there.

  • Let's find a way to move forward.

  • I'll be out here throwing some shadowboxing, busting out like Burpees and make it happen.

  • All right, that's it.

  • Love you guys.

  • Stay strong.

  • Stay powerful.

  • Let's make this happen.

  • All right, Come on, let's do this.

  • We had a beautiful world out here.

  • We got a beautiful sunny day.

  • Let's be grateful.

  • Let's use that body for a physical practice.

  • Let's do positive things with a discipline.

  • Stick to your program every day.

  • Make it happen.

  • That's what this is all about, All right.

  • Peace.

  • Love you guys.

there is William Blake, the man himself.

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