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  • -Hey, everyone. Difficult times right now.

  • But we'll get through it.

  • Today is the three-year anniversary

  • of my mom passing away,

  • and I just wanted to say to anyone who's mom has died

  • that it's hard. It's really, really hard.

  • And you think that maybe -- you know, maybe time will go by

  • and that you might forget about her, but you don't.

  • It's not a day goes by, and you think about her

  • when anything happens in the news

  • or anything that's happened that you'd think she'd laugh about.

  • I was thinking about, you know, quarantine

  • and people growing their hair and stuff,

  • and I remember I would talk to my mom

  • after the show the next day, and she'd critique the show.

  • And, you know, she always loved the show.

  • Everything was perfect.

  • But I was talking to her,

  • she goes, "I loved that interview with Tom Cruise.

  • I love his hair."

  • I go, "Yeah, yeah, he's got good hair."

  • She goes, "Yeah, I love Tom Cruise."

  • I go, "The interview was funny. He's a good guy."

  • She goes, "Yeah, I really loved his hair."

  • [ Laughter ]

  • -"Yeah. He looked good. He's a good-looking guy."

  • She goes, "So good-looking."

  • I go, "Yeah. Well, he's Tom Cruise, so, uh, yeah."

  • She was like, "Yeah. Just his hair looks good.

  • His long hair."

  • I go, "Yeah, I heard you the first eight times."

  • She goes, "What I'm saying is, your hair's too short!"

  • And I go, "I don't have Tom Cruise's face!"

  • [ Laughter ]

  • Anyway, just know, if anyone's, you know, worried about that,

  • that you can feel when your mom's proud of you.

  • You can feel the love.

  • And just know that she doesn't go away.

  • So just sending love to anyone who's out there

  • who's just having a tough time right now.

  • Just know you can get through it.

  • You will get through it.

-Hey, everyone. Difficult times right now.

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