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  • So I just finished up my swim workout that I do every Tuesday here at Virgin active.

  • And unfortunately, I won't be here next week because our government has decided to go into tier for a lock down.

  • And they don't consider my physical health to be an essential service.

  • Even though gyms are responsible for only 1.7% of Kobe cases that supporting Thio Public Health England Zone data, they're shutting this gym down and every single gym in the country of the UK And it's a real shame because it's gonna have serious physical health and mental health ramifications going forward.

  • And this is all about control versus elimination.

  • Control versus elimination.

  • The government is selling you that they're going to eliminate this virus and locked down is one of the tools.

  • But it doesn't work.

  • You have to find a way to control this, and you have to look at a cost benefit ratio.

  • The cost of locking this country down is severe.

  • And, uh, Lord Rose, who was the chairman of Marks and Spencer, came out recently and said, for every day we're locked down.

  • First of all, it's £1.8 billion lost.

  • Second of all, he said.

  • It takes between two and three weeks for every day we're locked down to recover.

  • So if we're locked down for a month, do the math, do the math.

  • That's another year, 22 years just to recover from that.

  • This is really I know, businesses that are dying, that they're never going to come back.

  • I know Virgin Active is gonna shut down branches and maybe shut down completely on this place has gone by the letter by the law.

  • They've done everything correct.

  • They've done an excellent job getting us back here on.

  • Now we're being shut down thistles gonna have serious ramifications.

  • I consider this to be an essential service.

  • It's essential to my mental health to my ability to be apparent to my ability toe lead to my ability to produce to my own sobriety.

  • This is crucial for me every single day on the government's taking it away from me.

  • And I say now that that is unacceptable.

  • It's unacceptable.

  • And again, what we're doing is we're seeing a disproportionate response to the virus.

  • We're shutting down everything, especially gyms and hospitality, which account for 5% of transmissions and we're not actually looking at are care homes where our elderly are dying because of this on the government's not doing anything.

  • They're they're just shutting everything down.

  • I'm frustrated.

  • I know I put out a lot of these videos, but I'm frustrated cause I want someone to listen.

  • And I know Jim, Mourners around the country are voicing their frustrations right now, and we're all gonna pay and the price is gonna be dear.

  • And it's gonna be It's gonna come in the future and it's gonna be hard to quantify how much this is costing us.

  • What we need is real leadership, proportional response to the virus.

  • And we need science based decision making.

  • Locking down the whole country.

  • Based on a flawed study from Cambridge University and Public health, England is the wrong thing to do.

  • That same study predicted 1000 deaths today in England, and there's less than 200.

  • So why are we going on this study to shut down the country for the next month and shut down our gyms and leisure activities, but also shutting down grassroots football for our kids so they can't even play football on the weekends because that's considered a part of the lock down again.

  • It defies logic, but this entire year is defined logic way.

  • Need someone to stand up, take us in a new direction.

  • We're gonna have to do this together.

  • Stay optimistic.

  • I am too.

  • I'm gonna find a way to physical practice.

  • I'm gonna find a way to stay mentally healthy.

  • I'll post what I'm doing.

  • We've got to get creative.

  • Now is what we have to do.

  • We've got to stick together.

  • But we've got to get leadership as well.

  • So leave your comments below.

  • Tell me how you're gonna be practicing over the next month.

  • I'm gonna be running outside.

  • I'll be doing shadowboxing.

  • I'll be doing Burpees.

  • I'll be doing kettlebells.

  • I'll be would do training to my stairwells.

  • Whatever is necessary.

  • Post what you're gonna do.

  • Let's stay positive and let's let's find some results.

  • Thank you.

So I just finished up my swim workout that I do every Tuesday here at Virgin active.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/03
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