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  • And when you joined the House of Lords, I think you had a similar experience Where you said, how much can religion be spoken about in here?

  • And I think you came to a similar conclusion that you had to be Justus open as you were in the city.

  • Well, it's a prayer, but it takes it takes guts.

  • Frankly, you know, where do I get guts from?

  • Lord, give me courage.

  • I mean, we were I was involved with what was called the suicide bill.

  • It was the bill allowing help for people who wanted to kill themselves.

  • I've got the name but on we were sort of a little group a few Christians in it who was sort of getting together policy and eso constructive plans against not allowing this bill to go through Parliament, which actually succeeded because in the end, in the Commons voted it out.

  • Um, but at one stage, I was warned by another member of the House of Lords.

  • Michael, when you stand up, do not mention God and I was actually shocked.

  • If you mentioned God, they will stop listening and they will think you're irrational on.

  • I was really quite shocked and it's sort of it troubled to me that and in fact, I spoke toe quite well known Christian leaders about it, and they weren't all that helpful.

  • Actually, it was almost like whether you should be talking thio the spirit of the age, the culture of the age, which a lot of the bishops seemed to do.

  • I mean, frankly, one very rarely.

  • Here's the mentioned God when, when when they stand up and contribute to debates on it's quite difficult there.

  • But pray about it.

  • So you know.

  • And I mean, there was one occasion we had talking about palliative care with people who are dying on day.

  • There's a lot of debate going on about making the comfortable drugs visit, family visits, all that sort of a what the whole area of pallet palliative care and I said up.

  • And I said, Well, we're missing the whole area of spiritual palliative care.

  • Um, do you know who speaks about eternal life more than anybody else in the whole Bible?

  • It's Jesus.

  • That's why he came that we might have eternal life on.

  • Here are people on the edge of eternity.

  • Shouldn't they actually have some spiritually palliative care to give them comfort on DFO faith and encouragement that actually eternity awaits them.

  • Yeah, so there are opportunities, but it's difficult.

  • So you choose your battles.

  • Yeah, but you let everybody know you're a Christian.

  • So you do get the You do get the hostility as well.

  • You get the opposition for being a Christian.

  • My house.

  • My, my wife.

  • Wild.

  • My wife?

  • Yeah.

And when you joined the House of Lords, I think you had a similar experience Where you said, how much can religion be spoken about in here?

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RELIGION & HOUSE OF LORDS: Choosing Your Battles With Religion & Politics - Lord Michael Farmer

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/03
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