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  • It's late at night, a man is running down a dark alley in the much feared garbles area of Glasgow, Scotland.

  • Not far behind him are members of the notorious Glasgow razor gangs.

  • Young men who've grown up with nothing and have a lot to prove in each of their hands is a blade, a sharp length of glistening steel.

  • Their prey runs, but he can't hide.

  • It's only a matter of time before they catch him, and when they do get him, they'll punish him.

  • In a cruel and unusual way.

  • This man will be smiling for the rest of his life, but not out of happiness.

  • His smile will forever be a reminder of a history of violence.

  • So today we're going to talk about something we imagine not many of you have heard off.

  • It's a punishment of sorts, sometimes called the Glasgow Grin or Glasgow smile or even Chelsea smile.

  • The latter is related to the London based soccer team Chelsea and a football hooliganism.

  • Some of the teams supporters back in the day had a bit of a penchant for fighting.

  • They call themselves the Chelsea Headhunters and like some Glaswegian gang members at times they might carve a smile into someone's face.

  • When they weren't hunting heads, they were sometimes fighting in Mass in the stands.

  • Quite often, the hooligans who might call themselves a firm would run down a foe, like in the scene we described at the start.

  • If that guy was unlucky enough, he might be punished by being given a permanent smile.

  • Let us explain.

  • The concept is simple enough.

  • A person is captured.

  • This person might be someone who the enemy wants to make an example of.

  • They don't wanna kill him, but they wanted to carry the mark of a victim.

  • So what could be better than making him with the rest of his life with a smile on his face?

  • To do that, his enemy takes a sharp razor or knife, and they cut both sides of his mouth.

  • After that, they can hurt him again.

  • So he howls in pain and, by doing so, tears the flesh around his mouth and widens the smile.

  • Where did this sadistic ritual first take place?

  • You might be wondering.

  • Did it happen often?

  • Who did it happen?

  • Thio.

  • Does it still happen today?

  • Does the procedure really make a person look a little bit like the Joker from the Batman movies or Jeff the Killer.

  • In the early part of the 20th century, Glasgow was home to some very bad slums.

  • For years, there was civil unrest, high infant mortality, extreme poverty and extreme violent crime.

  • In fact, in the mid to late 20th century, Glasgow was known as the murder capital of Europe, with Catholic and Protestants at the time at each other's throats.

  • This was not the Yusa, though.

  • In Scotland, it wasn't easy to get a gun.

  • People fought with their fists, and they also used knives, a k a ship.

  • This isn't all ancient history.

  • In 2009 a newspaper cited a surgeon at Glasco Southern General Hospital who said that she was seeing a knife attack victim on average every six hours.

  • She also said that some of those victims were as young as 12.

  • Her exact words were.

  • It's depressing when we see Children who have to go through the rest of their lives disfigured.

  • Okay, so some of those kids just gotta slash down the cheek.

  • But she also says that she sees at least one Glasco smile victim a week with the cuts usually running to the ears.

  • The vast majority of these kids are still in school.

  • We're not saying it happened or happens a lot, and we're not saying it on, Lee goes on in Scotland.

  • But we are certain that it does happen.

  • Perhaps the most well known Glasgow Smile is written on the face of the actor Tommy Flanagan.

  • You might have seen this guy in a number of Hollywood blockbusters as well as TV Siri's, including Sons of Anarchy.

  • He was born in Eastern House Glasco, and no doubt he witnessed a fighter to when he was growing up a few years ago.

  • In this part of Glasgow, Murdered by knife was the most common cause of death for folks in their twenties, although we should say that the knife crime rate has dropped as of late.

  • Flanagan's life changed one day when he was attacked by a bunch of guys.

  • The actor had been drinking in a local pub, and when he left the pub, some boys tried to rob him.

  • He fought back, but by doing so, he enraged the gang.

  • They held him down and cut him from ear to ear while he was recovering in the hospital, and actor friend of his told him he should get into acting.

  • And so he did.

  • He became very successful and did so with huge scars on his face.

  • This is what he later said about his Glasco smile.

  • I don't see the scars anymore.

  • They're just ancient history now.

  • It was a horrible thing that happened 20 years ago.

  • I don't give it a second thought, So it does look like the Scottish made this kind of violence famous.

  • Some sources say that it was the Glasgow gangs of the 19 twenties and thirties that started it.

  • Cut throat razors were the weapon of choice, although we imagine in today's world a knife would be used.

  • It's a truly disgusting way to hurt someone, something that harkens back to a darker days.

  • In medieval times, a person might also bleed out and not survived the attack.

  • One thing was certain of is it's far worse than receiving a Glasgow kiss, which is a simple head.

  • But now you need to watch this the most dangerous streets in the world, or have a look at this, you versus Jack the Ripper.

It's late at night, a man is running down a dark alley in the much feared garbles area of Glasgow, Scotland.

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Glasgow Grin - Worst Punishment in the History of Mankind

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