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  • and one thing I want to do is I want to salute your mayor's up north.

  • Honestly, I've been so impressed with, um I gave you know, Liverpool mayor shout out Manchester mayor, Shout out, Because these are leaders that are looking after the interests of their people.

  • They're serving their citizens here in London.

  • I'm so frustrated because our mayor literally has been crusading for a lock down.

  • He's been lobbying for it.

  • He's been telling us it's inevitable, which I thought it was science based instead of being inevitable.

  • And he's literally trying to shut us down on bits.

  • Frustrating, because I feel like it's very hard for us to fight back here.

  • So we've got our own little weird battle, you know, down here.

  • And I'm very concerned if if he tries to pull some of the moves they're pulling up there.

  • But you guys have now been a great example of what solidarity looks like and sticking by the science.

  • And it's been amazing journey to watch just for people that may be your international and don't know the whole story.

  • Can you just tell us, you know, how did this start?

  • And there was this this incredibly epic piece of video where you shot where there's a picture of five armed police officers and then you flip the screen and it's you and you're in the people's gym and there's some people lifting weights.

  • And it was this crazy piece of video that, you know, it really was surprising to see that contrast What was happening that day?

  • Yeah, So we found out two days before Liverpool was pushed into Tier three that it was likely it was calling.

  • So Mayor Joe Anderson, hey, tweeted out two days before when he had been offered the support package for the first time from Central government, and he tweeted publicly his feelings on the package that but offered was likely to take Liverpool back to levels of unemployment we've not seen since the 19 eighties.

  • Now, me personally, I was born in the nineties.

  • I never got to see that, but my family are from Anfield, Liverpool in livable city.

  • Andi.

  • They tell me horror stories of the eighties and you know, it's from what it sounds for me to me from people that I take very seriously.

  • It sounds like probably one of the most difficult experiences our cities ever endured since the war on.

  • That's not something that I wanted for my generation most certainly not.

  • Andi, you know, we are city.

  • I mean, I know this is much bigger and we do have national global support E But just just to touch on Liverpool, you know, we've not seen ah unification of our people like this since the eighties.

  • Like, we've not seen a movement this powerful with this many people behind it since the eighties and all the war stories that I hear from the eighties from me, you know, we enjoyed the tough times and, you know, we were standing up with the unions and everything else They all they all sound like fantastic heroic war stories.

  • But I've never seen that on to experience over the last week when it sounds like Liverpool experience through the eighties, where the people have really stood together on fought for what's right because they knew what was right.

  • They knew what was right in their heart.

  • It's, you know, I'm still waiting to wake up.

  • I really I'm still waiting for somebody pinch pinch me to wake up and a Z.

  • You say it's not just this battle was never just Liverpool.

  • We have set the precedent for the rest of the world on this movements popping up all over the place now and, you know, just to clarify this wasn't a reckless move.

  • As you say, we are pushing for science based decisions.

  • Way want.

  • We want to know that this country is under control.

  • The decisions that we're making informed the science based on.

  • Do you know that that's what you can ask for if you if you can ask for the science and you can open a dialogue for a good conversation and informed conversation, that's the best way that we could do this, whereas, you know, way don't wanna be confused with anybody who's just, you know, completely reckless and defying the rules.

  • But look, if the science doesn't support the decision that's made, there's a case to be made on.

  • We're seeing this pop up all across Europe.

  • Now we're seeing this in the U.

  • S.

  • You know, people are standing up for what is scientifically inaccurate.

  • I think that I think that's the general feel across the world right now is that we want more science based decisions and, you know, we really want to get ahead of this.

  • And we really want to tackle, listen and hopefully get back to some sense of normality.

  • You know, next year I mean, I don't think we're ever gonna be completely rid of this, but it would be nicer to be to be focusing on family time again unless, you know, being able to get some sleep at night without having to worry about whether you're gonna be able to pay your mortgage next month because you don't know whether your job's gonna be there or, you know, you don't know whether we're gonna be in lock down or not or whether you're gonna be on 66% fellow or 80% fellow or no fellow whatsoever.

  • You know it.

  • It would be fantastic for the mental health of our entire nation if we can just get to this time next year.

  • And we can get a sense of normality running up to Christmas next year.

  • And we can actually spend some time with our families without having to worry about, you know, social bubbles and everything else.

  • But, you know, we do take seriously, but what I'm saying is if we can tackle this the right way.

  • From a scientific perspective, maybe we can get back to normality, or at least close to it.

  • I just add to your point if you don't mind on Andy Burnham of Greater Manchester, Liverpool salute is this guy.

  • He is.

  • He is an absolute champion of the people, and you know I would.

  • I would love 10 seconds of that man's time.

  • Just Thio shake his hand when that becomes allowed again.

  • I have nothing but respect for that guy.

  • He's We wish we had him here in Liverpool, that's for sure.

  • Yeah, like I said, I've just been I've been saluting your mayor's up there and they're they're doing what they should do.

  • Their fighting tooth and nail for the the interests of their own citizens, period.

  • That's the job of local representation from members of Parliament to, you know, mayors of cities.

  • It's just you don't see it that often, and I haven't seen it for our nine million citizens.

  • Unfortunately, Andi, it's been stark the comparison between you know your leadership up north versus what's happening down here on, but taking a risk by doing it publicly as well, and I think that's what's really great about our mayor's right now that's taken to social media, you know?

  • Welcome to 2020 guys.

  • You know, you're nice of you to finally join the rooms.

  • You know what I mean?

  • They are publicly now.

  • If they If Joe Anderson and Steve Robbery and Angela Eagle haven't tweeted publicly that central government were lying about being, you know, in their hands, we never would have known We never could have got this over 10 because it really felt right.

  • This is the decision that's been made.

  • That's that.

  • But the fact that they publicly stood against central government on a decision that was clearly wrong based on the science, as you say, you've got to commend them for that.

  • They put the next on the land.

  • You stood up against central government to do what's right to amend an error fair play to them.

  • For that, we can't ask.

  • You can't ask more of that than your leaders than to stand up publicly and put themselves on the line for what's right for the people that they represent.

  • So fair play to them for that.

and one thing I want to do is I want to salute your mayor's up north.

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