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  • So in 48 hours, the entire country of Britain is going into a total lock down lock down 2.0, which is going to take us into a double dip recession.

  • And you've already heard me talk about how this entire decision was based on flawed data.

  • Flawed data from a study done in Cambridge.

  • Uh, that predicted 4000 co vid deaths per day coming up this winter 4000 day.

  • And yet when you dive deeper in the data, you find out that it's using a completely flawed version of what a covert death is qualified as, um, taking a 60 day window as opposed to a 28 day positive test window, which public health England has been using for months and months.

  • But that aside in two days, they're shutting down everything that is considered a non essential service.

  • What is non essential?

  • Because if you look at how this is going to affect my day in my week, it's massive.

  • First of all, I can't go to the gym.

  • I train every single day.

  • It's how I maintain my mental health.

  • It's how I maintain my sobriety.

  • It's how I maintain my work output.

  • It's everything to me.

  • And now I don't have that choice.

  • What else?

  • I can't go to pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and meet friends.

  • I can't take my boys for cookies on Sunday.

  • I can't take him to the bookstore on Sunday.

  • Um, I can't take him to the museum.

  • We just went to Natural History Museum and saw the dinosaurs I just took.

  • My son came into the science Museum.

  • All of these parts of their upbringing is now put on hold.

  • But when you dive deeper, you find out that gyms are responsible for 1.7% of transmissions.

  • That hospitality is responsible for 3.3% of transmissions.

  • So between the two of these non essentials, it's 5% of the covert transmissions.

  • One in 20.

  • Why are we locking this down?

  • It's not gonna have any effect if you're trying to make massive effects, so why bother locking this down?

  • And what about care?

  • Homes?

  • Care homes in this country have still not been addressed, and so I'll go on to say again, this is a completely disproportionate response to the virus.

  • Our elderly, who are at most risk of dying from this disease are being ignored.

  • And yet those of us who are going to places like gyms and going to places like restaurants which are the safest places to be, are being penalized and we're being locked in place.

  • This is a total lack of science based decision making which leads to the conclusion that were completely lacking and leadership.

  • Look what happened on Saturday.

  • Two hours late.

  • Ah, press conference from a disheveled government that's making knee jerk decisions at the last minute because they have leaks inside their cabinet.

  • I mean, this is ridiculous.

  • And you and I are paying the price for it with our families, our younger generation generation co vid on the mental health that we're going to sustain the damage by all these things taken away from us.

  • And what about the economy?

  • I'm not even mentioning that we are taking massive hits here.

  • Um, I was booking speaking with Virgin active today.

  • They said they've lost half of their members and there could potentially gonna go out of business with this lock down.

  • Things is absolutely gonna kill them.

  • We've got to take action now.

  • We've got to stop this madness.

  • We need new leadership way.

  • Need a proportionate response to the virus.

  • We need science based decision making.

  • Now we've got to get out of this lock down.

  • We've got to get London back toe work.

  • We gotta put our health first, put science first, put education first and just make intelligent decisions.

  • And that's why I've decided to stop talking about it and start doing something about it.

  • That's why I'm running for mayor.

  • To be honest, I've got much better things to do.

  • I've got a business to run.

  • I've got a content to broadcast.

  • But I have to do this because no one else is going to step up and do it.

  • Our current mayor is crusading for lockdowns and he spends most of his day trying to point the finger at the other party who points the finger at the other party.

  • Meanwhile, you and I suffer.

  • The nine million citizens of London are suffering while they're playing their political gamesmanship, which makes no sense to me on I don't care anymore.

  • Thes politicians has vested interest that I don't understand and I don't wanna understand.

  • I just need somebody to get the job done on.

  • That's what we plan on doing, we're gonna take London in a new direction.

  • We're gonna turn this place into a world class city once again.

  • I promise you were gonna do it.

  • Leave me your comments below.

  • Forward this video on to someone else who needs to see it and watch it.

  • This is crucial.

  • This is important.

  • Let's take London in a new direction.

  • Thank you.

So in 48 hours, the entire country of Britain is going into a total lock down lock down 2.0, which is going to take us into a double dip recession.

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