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  • the prime minister of the UK, announced yesterday that we will be going back into a full lock down on Thursday, full lock down.

  • So that means non essential services.

  • All clothes, restaurants, cafes, pubs, gyms, you name it all.

  • Shut down.

  • This will for sure send us into a massive recession.

  • Here we have been speaking for weeks about how cove it is not transmitted in the hospitality sector.

  • It's not transmitted in our gyms.

  • And yet the government is choosing locked down as a solution to suppress the virus.

  • And I want to refresh your memory.

  • When it came back in March, when we went toe lock this country down, it was not to suppress the spread of the virus.

  • It was always to ease the pressure on our health services.

  • And there's still been no evidence shown that these services are going to be strained.

  • This winter.

  • We've heard from Sir Patrick Balance.

  • We've heard from Chris Witty of the Sage and Scientific Advisory Committee that we can expect 85,000 deaths this winter.

  • But this is the same crew that predicted a half a million deaths this year, and it hasn't even been 1/10 of that.

  • What?

  • This comes down.

  • Teoh is a simple concept of control versus elimination Control versus elimination.

  • This government is attempting to eliminate this virus.

  • That is just not possible.

  • And the cost benefit of trying to do that is outrageous.

  • And a study was recently done in New Zealand when they tried to track the cost benefit ratio of a control scenario versus an elimination scenario on they said it was a 96 toe.

  • One difference, as it is going to cost 96 is much, much money to try to eliminate this virus versus controlling it.

  • And it's 10 to 1 on that same study here in the UK, which means if you try to eliminate this, if you try toe lock down this entire city on this entire country, it's gonna cost us much more than if we had just tried to control the spread of this virus.

  • And I've been saying this for months and I'm gonna say it again.

  • What we need now is leadership.

  • We need a proportional response to this virus.

  • Yes, that means protect those air vulnerable, but let the young and capable people get out there and work and create an economy that can fund this entire country this entire world as we trudged through the realities of this virus.

  • Finally, we need science based decisions, and that's not what we're seeing here.

  • We're living in some fairy tale land where we're going to eliminate this virus entirely.

  • You and I know that's not true.

  • And by attempting to do that, we're going to crush our livelihood.

  • We're gonna crush this younger generation generation Covic that's looking to a future where they've got no possibilities, no job prospects, no nothing.

  • And it's just I can't sit by and watch this current crop of politicians run this city and this country into the ground.

  • It's just not tenable anymore.

  • And we've got to show some real leadership.

  • We need a proportional response to the virus.

  • We need to start making science based decision making.

  • They have estimated alone that in the next month the UK government is going to spend £40 billion on furlough in one single month.

  • We cannot keep this up.

  • We've got to get London back toe work.

  • We've got to get the UK back toe work.

  • None of us can function in a long term basis with this extreme lock down.

  • And I'm saying this because someone's got to say it.

  • We've got to take London in a new direction.

  • We've got to take the world in a new direction and figure out the control, not the elimination, because that is not viable.

  • That is not possible on that is not tenable.

  • So let me know your thoughts.

  • Please leave your comments below again.

  • I'm sending out my feelings to all of you out there and look, let me be honest.

  • I am optimistic about the future.

  • I know we can solve these problems, but we just need better decisions from our leaders when I look at them.

  • Honestly, I'm not impressed.

  • I am not impressed with their leadership.

  • I am not impressed by their response to the virus.

  • I am not impressed by their science because there is none.

  • All we need is strong leaders, and we can solve this problem quite easily.

  • But if we continue to do these ridiculous, ridiculous things and stop using science, we're gonna continue to go down this route and we're gonna wake up one day and there won't be anything left on.

  • That's what concerns me most So leave your comments below.

  • Please forward this video.

  • If it meant something for you and again, I'm offering solutions.

  • All right.

  • I'm offering solutions, not just coming up with problems.

  • And together I think we could take this world, this country and this city here in London in a new direction.

  • Thank you.

the prime minister of the UK, announced yesterday that we will be going back into a full lock down on Thursday, full lock down.

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