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  • you know, there's a narrative in Fear City where you've got the Giuliani's of the world and the lawmakers of the world saying here, these mob guys, they're shaken down.

  • Mom and pop businesses, these immigrants, you know, they're really doing a lot of pain to the community.

  • And then the other side is I think you guys the wiseguys, that air saying, You know what?

  • We actually make this place run better.

  • We're better for business.

  • We provide somewhat protection.

  • We keep out the small time criminals who's right.

  • Well, you know, look initially when you know mob guys came here from Italy, I mean, they were preying on their own people in the neighborhoods.

  • I mean, that's how this thing kind of started.

  • They were extorting them, looking for protection money.

  • Uh, it doesn't happen like that, you know, on a widespread basis anymore.

  • I mean, honestly, I never did that If I went partners with somebody and they paid me, I gave him a service.

  • You know, it wasn't that we were just, you know, leaning on them and extorting them.

  • But it does happen to a degree with some of the smaller time guys, But you know, on a major level.

  • You know, I don't see it that way.

  • Now, some people are gonna disagree with me.

  • But look, I had 25 years of my experience in that life.

  • Others may have experienced it a little bit differently, but, you know, I didn't see that as widespread as the government says.

  • Way did it.

  • Okay.

  • And what do you What do you think of Giuliani when you see him on that?

  • You know, the same show you start in.

  • You know, you guys were playing a game, and I don't know if you ever watch the show, the wire, but it's kind of interesting because you've got kind of the cops and the drug dealers, and they're almost playing the type of a game of a cat and mouse game against each other.

  • Like what do you What do you think of him and everything that happened in retrospect?

  • Well, listen, you know, again, you gotta give him credit, I guess for, you know, effectively using the Rico Act.

  • When he did, I will say a couple things about him.

  • I thought he was a great mayor in New York.

  • He did a lot for the city.

  • He really did clean it up, and I got to give him credit for that.

  • And, you know, it's funny because we recently were interviewed on a radio show here.

  • He did it first.

  • I did it second, and the radio host brought my name up to him and he actually was pretty complimentary about it.

  • So, you know, maybe he's had a change of heart, but I always tease him.

  • I said, Hey, Rudy, I was the only one that beat you.

  • You know?

  • He had me on big racketeering case, and I was acquitted after a several month trial.

  • We were the only case that that ended up in acquittals.

  • He convicted everybody else, so at least I got that on it, you know?

  • But look, you know, he's you got to give credit.

  • I mean, he's, uh he was a good prosecutor, and he was a good mayor.

  • And actually, politically, we kind of find ourselves on the same side, right?

  • No, sir.

  • Yeah.

  • Wow.

  • My wife help my wife.

  • Mhm.

you know, there's a narrative in Fear City where you've got the Giuliani's of the world and the lawmakers of the world saying here, these mob guys, they're shaken down.

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RUDY GIULIANI: How I Got The Better of New York's Mayor & Taunt Him To This Day - Michael Franzese

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/31
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