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  • you know those 50 guys that were published on that force magazine?

  • You know, knowing that you're basically the only one that's free and the rest are dead or in prison or somewhat.

  • That, you know, is the ultimate message for people that are listening is that crime doesn't pay, no matter what happens in the short term or what?

  • What can we What can we learn from that stat?

  • You know, Brian, I preached this message, Teoh.

  • You know, I do a lot of prison, you know, visits.

  • And I worked with a lot of juvenile house gangbangers and I tell them straight out, you don't get away with criminal conduct in America anymore.

  • Law enforcement is too sophisticated.

  • They got too many weapons.

  • There's too many informants on the street.

  • And if you stay in criminal conduct, you're going down.

  • I mean, that's it.

  • Bottom line, you just don't get away with it anymore.

  • And, you know, for people to get involved in that life on a consistent basis, you know, they're out of their minds.

  • They're gonna lose.

  • There's no doubt about it.

  • I think there was this study that was done on day took like a project in Chicago's south side, and they ran the numbers for, like, the drug dealers and the kind of the juniors.

  • And they ran on How much money do they actually make over the course of, like, five years?

  • You know, putting in time that you're missing in prison.

  • Some of that time that, you know, the big bosses were making more of the money, and they found that, you know, the younger guys were actually making less than minimum wage, and yet they were sold this dream of this big time, you know, cash flow.

  • But the truth is between the danger of death and prison and all of the hierarchy, there really wasn't.

  • It wasn't a great decision to make to join that life at all.

  • You know what I what?

  • I tell people of time.

  • You know, there's a myth out there, and I think the media created that and that, you know, all my guys Old Ganga is they're rolling in dough, you know, they're making a lot of money, but I always say this in our family, the Colombo family, one of the five New York mob families, we had 115 made guys, guys that actually took the oath out of 115 of us, maybe 20 or 25 were earning good money.

  • The rest was, you know, who's got a no show job?

  • Who's got a gambling problem pushing a little numbers trying to, you know, extort somebody.

  • They weren't making a lot of money, and all of them end up in jail.

  • At some point in time, they will get indicted.

  • They all do jail time while they're in there.

  • They're not earning a penny, their families have broke.

  • And that's consistent all the way down the line.

  • You don't want the things behind.

  • When I speak to these young kids, you know, that's a are so Goodfellas.

  • And I saw this movie and, you know, you had the women and you had the cars and you had the money.

  • But I say to them, But did you see the end of the movie?

  • Did you watch it all the way through?

  • Who lost everything who went to jail, who got killed?

  • They don't see that part, you know, they only see the good part and they kind of ignore the rest.

  • But you know, it's a dead End Street.

  • And I've been preaching out for the last 20 some odd years and you know, I know it for a fact.

  • You know what else got me, Brian?

  • When things really started to crumble in the eighties, I was shocked.

  • And some of the guys that we found out that were informants for years we didn't know this.

  • I mean, our own people that were informants for 10 years, 15 years, 20 years.

  • And, you know, you just don't know, man.

  • The street is a tough It's a tough environment to trust somebody like my wife.

  • Wild stop my wife.

you know those 50 guys that were published on that force magazine?

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CRIME DOESN'T PAY: Why You Will Lose If You Look Towards A Life Of Crime - Michael Franzese

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