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  • a true pond.

  • Zeman on Lee.

  • A true pond.

  • Zeman comes out here in the rain Ted Hamster is man's pond and jumps in.

  • And that's what I'm about to do because I know it's gonna make me feel better.

  • It's 11 degrees, 11 degrees water temp.

  • It's raining, it's cold.

  • But I'm gonna feel good afterwards.

  • Nothing like a shot of cold to get you going on in the morning.

  • Here we go and not many customers out here today.

  • But that's okay.

  • That's all right.

  • And yes, I was convincing myself of, ah, plethora of excellent reasons why I should just skipped upon today and go home to the warm fireplace.

  • But then I thought those were just excuses.

  • We all have them on its the discipline that keeps us honest with ourselves and that allows us to respect ourselves, and that allows us to accomplish great things.

  • So I'm about to backflip in this cold ass water to prove to myself that I hold my word.

  • And the next time I think about punking out on something I said I was gonna dio I'll remind myself that if I didn't punk out in the cold water, sure as hell ain't a reason to punk out now.

  • Hope you're having a great day.

  • Try cold shower.

  • It's great.

  • Tries from him off breathing.

  • He's amazing.

  • Watch my three shows with him.

  • I'm about to do both of them right now.

  • Watch my back Flip.

  • It's over on the instagram.

  • Check it out.

  • It's for the gram.

  • Of course.

  • All right.

  • Peace.

  • Alright.

  • Ham says men pond is 11 degrees.

  • But come on, we gotta get some.

  • Here's the back flip Tokyo Olympics 2021.

  • I'm coming for you.

  • Yeah, come on.

  • Who?

  • Oh, yeah.

  • Cool.

a true pond.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/31
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