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  • Where does that humility come from?

  • Does that come from working in the city and being in a medals, you know, exchange ring at 18 and being yelled at and having to go through all of that?

  • I mean, how much of the city work prepared you for this, or is that a completely different ball game?

  • No.

  • I think being a Christian prepared me and being a Christian, I became a Christian, a 30 35 I've been in the city for 17 years.

  • By then, I got married when I was 30.

  • Um, Andi, that really sort of change Donned.

  • Frankly, if you're a Christian, you know, you believe that God is involved in your life And there have been occasions in my city work in running a hedge fund and having very big positions on, for instance, the copper market with the dominant position.

  • Sometimes eso globally that that one was humbled.

  • I mean, I'm just using that mixing.

  • Uh, it's a subject where we could talk about a bit.

  • But you had a new instance at one point where I think there was an American hedge fund that new your positions and decided to maybe squeeze your copper position.

  • Maybe metal.

  • And you lost 30% of your fund net worth in 12 days.

  • Yeah, that was $900 million in 2007.

  • 12 years?

  • Yeah, and I was sleeping one hour a night.

  • Andi, I was a Christian, and I was sort of thinking, What's going on here?

  • I'm a Christian.

  • I'm doing Bible studies.

  • I'm going to church praying.

  • And then somebody said to me, it was a minister said, You know, Michael, uh, God is sovereign.

  • He is sovereign.

  • Aunt, He's your father.

  • I I saw thinking about Okay, so he is God almighty, omnipotent and omniscient.

  • But he is my father, and he gives me good things.

  • So there's something going on here which I don't understand.

  • I just should relax and just behave in the way that, you know, I think his word guides me to behave, which actually requires humility.

  • You gotta close out positions.

  • You gotta talk to investors about losses.

  • We actually gave back a lot of fees, which would we could have kept.

  • But we did that.

  • And in fact, one of the investors.

  • So, Michael, if you hadn't done that, we would have been off.

  • It was that sort of thing going on.

  • But it's a very humbling position on.

  • Then afterwards I was thinking about Well, what was the good that came out of this?

  • I thought, Well, what What was it then?

  • I thought humility.

  • That's what it waas there.

  • I waas doing very well.

  • And even though I thought, you know, one sort of humble Christian guy doing good things, actually, there was in here, actually, a lot of bad guy.

  • I'm doing pretty well, actually.

  • Look at me compared to everybody else.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Andan all of a sudden you're humbled on.

  • Actually, humility is a great gift.

  • It za great gift and very difficult to receive because we all have that inherent pride within us.

  • You know, all of us do we all want to be somebody you know on Do actually be given the gift of humility.

  • Ortio, go along.

  • That path of growing in humility is a very gracious gift of God, I think.

  • How What?

Where does that humility come from?

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LESSON OF HUMILITY: How Finding Christianity Helped Me Become Humbled In Life - Lord Michael Farmer

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