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  • When will these lockdowns end?

  • When will they end?

  • That is the question.

  • And that is what 50 Tory MPs have written.

  • Tow our prime minister to ask where is the clear roadmap of protocols so that we can finally end these lockdowns because they don't seem to exist.

  • And we are in a potential permanent, locked down situation where there will not be a good reason toe open things up again.

  • And this is a massive concern to me on something I've been talking about for a long time.

  • Because every day that any city is locked down, we are seeing businesses being bankrupt forever.

  • We're seeing our Children fall into what I've been calling a lost generation.

  • We're seeing our health services taxed by people not actually going to the hospital in fear of catching the virus.

  • And the list goes on and on and on here in London way have all gone as one.

  • Even though the case is south of the river, continue to stay less than 100 per 100,000.

  • And yet the current mayor has decided that all 32 boroughs will go as one into bankruptcy, will go as one down the toilet will go as one to making our Children a lost generation.

  • And for me, I have to ask what is the clear roadmap to get us out of lock down?

  • If you remember back in March, the Onley reason we went into a locked him it was never to prevent the spread of the virus.

  • Let me be clear on that Lockdowns don't prevent the spread of the virus lockdowns or intended Thio ease pressure on our NHS because we expected thes massive number of patients going to the hospitals and being overwhelmed or overwhelming our health services.

  • Now we built these Nightingale hospitals and that never happened.

  • But now the long town is something we readily accept.

  • Oh yeah, the lock down.

  • That's the virus thing.

  • And so we nod our heads and we cow Tao and we willingly go into a lock down situation when it will not stop the spread of the virus.

  • It's on Lee there to ease off pressure on our health services and it's not shown that that's a factor yet.

  • So why do we continue to ruin the livelihoods of businesses here in London?

  • Why did we ruin the mental health of our Children.

  • Why are we ruining our physical health?

  • And I've been talking to everyone about this from the black taxi driver I rode back home, who did four fares to $5 ones.

  • A $10.1 and he took me home.

  • He said, Brian, I'm dying here.

  • I'm dying.

  • I'm looking for new leadership.

  • I'm speaking to people in the hospitality industry whose revenue was just seen.

  • A comeback e was just seem to come back after eat out to help out and after some of the optimism.

  • But when our mayor here said, If you can work from home, work from home and started the fearmongering and basically crusaded for a lock down, all the businesses here in London have gone back down the tubes again.

  • No leadership, no proportional response to the virus, no science based decision making, and I won't stand for it.

  • It's not fair to our citizens.

  • It's not fair to our tourism industry.

  • It's not fair to our theaters district, and I've spoken to all of these people in my studio and they have listed their concerns and their problems and their solutions, and we have solutions.

  • They're just being ignored because our current crop of politicians has their own vested interests.

  • They do this as a career job, and they have scenarios that they like to play and games.

  • They like to play behind the scenes that have nothing to do with the livelihood of the nine million citizens in this city.

  • And I've had enough.

  • So we need a clear plan on how we're getting out of lockdowns again so we can get this city functioning again.

  • So many people want to come back and do business here and want to create the city that recreated as this vibrant place that everyone knows it could be on.

  • Yet we're being handcuffed by our current crop of politicians.

  • We need to change all that.

  • Let me know your thoughts below.

  • When do you think we should get out of lock down?

  • Should we be given protocols to get out of lock down?

  • Is your business suffering?

  • Would you like to get back to work?

  • Leave your comments below share this video of it resonates on.

  • I'll be talking mawr about my policies to transform London in 2021.

  • I know we could do this.

  • I'm confident we can do this.

  • It's not that complicated Everyone.

  • I speak to us on the same page.

  • It's just our leaders, that air stopping us from having it.

  • We're gonna change that.

When will these lockdowns end?

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