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  • Yeah.

  • I mean, for the past few weeks, I've noticed three major concerns I have.

  • The first is just a total lack of leadership.

  • I don't feel like our politicians really understand what it's like to be on the ground, especially his business owners.

  • Second thing I see is a disproportionate response to the virus and finally a total lack of science based decision making.

  • And as you said, every death is a tragedy.

  • We try to try to prevent it, but this response is disproportionate.

  • I looked at the figures last week for one day.

  • The smoking related illnesses was 10 times those of Kobe for the day.

  • And yet, Greg, there wasn't a lock down on tobacco stores on band.

  • And that's the problem.

  • This government doesn't seem to be making a proportionate decision on Day seemed to also be going for these convenient soundbites.

  • Like you said circuit breakers.

  • And they seem to be making these things that I mean, quite frankly to me, feel like they're just place to get elected again.

  • They don't seem to be really understand their concerns off the small businessman.

  • I've been an entrepreneur for going on 20 years right now, and uncertainty is the worst thing for an entrepreneur you mentioned in Liverpool.

  • You know, you can't tell people with two days notice that you can't be selling.

  • You know your your brew anymore.

  • Um, the worst thing you could do for businesses give them uncertainty in the future.

  • Andi.

  • Yet that's exactly what we're doing with these.

  • These random changes thes tears that can change these curfews that can change, and that's a real killer for entrepreneurs.

  • They need to really understand what they can do and what the future looks like.

  • And it's something that's a real concern.

  • And it's something I just wish our politicians understood a little bit more and understood.

  • Well, this is the fabric of our economy.

  • This is what we need to dio to keep it safe and keep us moving forward.

  • Um, now I just see these lockdowns just ruining everything, and I don't see some of these businesses coming back, and I can't imagine some of these pubs, these local pubs, that really are the only meeting place for some of these communities going out of business, maybe never to come back.

  • And if they're replaced, are they gonna be replaced?

  • by a franchise coffee bar.

  • It's just not it's not the same thing.

  • Is it great?

  • Yeah, that is what we're facing.

  • I mean, it's already happened happening, I'm afraid, in parts of the country.

  • London, of course, has a particular problem because off the fact that people are not going to work in the same way that's desperate for all those pubs.

  • The reliant on the office trade for taxi drivers as well.

  • You know, there are many people who are really struggling, and I don't hear their voices being being listened Thio in, you know, in City Hall or in in Westminster on Do they really need to be Because you say, Well, you know, we are going to lose part of our heritage and our history.

  • Something is a country around the world people identify with is being British.

  • What do you think of the key thing of the British?

  • Well, maybe the queen, maybe.

  • Um, but certainly the pub would be in there.

  • I think in in the top five of things that people from other countries think about us.

  • Yeah, the great British pub.

  • Andi.

  • Yet we're on the verge of destroying it.

  • Through what I believe is the wrong strategy.

  • But even if the government insists on the strategy, it must properly support businesses.

  • It did it, but the beginning there was support for many cups of getting not all.

  • There was, unfortunately, a bizarre situation where larger pubs were not offered access to any grants.

  • So it was one of those loopholes, but nevertheless the wall support for other pubs.

  • But now you know there's there's this complete lack of understanding that these restrictions on the restrictions for all parts of the 10 p.m. curfew on the mandatory table service, which, frankly, you know, if you go into a pub, you'll realize that makes stuff less safe than if they were serving the more traditional British way behind a bar with the perspex screen.

  • But of course, it also means that you have to have extra staff to be able to serve at the table.

  • That's an extra cost when you've got less trade, Um, but then when you add the other restrictions of to the possibility of closure with Tier three or a complete closure in a national lock down a zoo, say it's impossible for businesses including pumps, to know what to do to plan, you know?

  • Well, well, if they If you know pubs in Liverpool, if they're allowed to open again in, say, a months time and that's not clear they don't know, then they need time.

  • They need at least two weeks notice toward a beer in to get ready.

  • But how many will feel confident doing that?

  • Because then they might be told another three weeks later, we've got to do it again.

  • It's not sustainable, It's not fair and it's not working.

  • I'm afraid I can tell you certainly, Brian, that the government has lost the confidence off Britain's publicans.

  • There is really anger on dismay that the way their voices being ignored on the way that they are being restricted, restricted on scapegoated on not being supported.

  • We've collected already 1200 publicans signing a letter to the prime minister expressing that fits our letter.

  • The chancellor.

  • We send another one of the prime minister yesterday on that's expressing that anger and there are more public and signing that's all the time.

  • But there is really anger at the way that pubs are being treated on.

  • Do you know if that carries on, then I think you will start to hear that expressed Mawr and Maurin pops up and down the country.

  • And as you see closures, I think communities will join that anger to, and I on I hope they do.

  • But I hope the government see sense and actually realize that they do need to change course that they do need to review these restrictions, but also where they do impose them that they give proper support, which isn't happening at the moment.

  • My wife.

  • Why?

  • From my wife?


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DESTROYING PUB CULTURE: Why Pubs Are A Huge Influence On British Culture - Greg Mulholland

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