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  • e never aspired to be a mob guy.

  • But, you know, I grew up on my father who was a very high profile guy in the sixties.

  • Once I got in, I said, Hey, I'm gonna be the best possible mob guy could be Here's how it's gonna go 75% me, 25% you.

  • He comes to my house and he's got a box on his shoulder.

  • It's a Saturday morning.

  • He comes in and I said, What we do with all this meeting, we're having a party or something I don't know about.

  • He said, Hey, Chief, it ain't meat puts the box down.

  • It opens it up He said, This is the first two weeks taking the gas business was $320,000.

  • I had over 350 gas stations and we were servicing just about every Brandon and unbranded station that we could get a hold off and we grew that 3 20 into 5678 10 week.

  • I got that call one night.

  • I was concerned.

  • I mean, I thought I could have walked into that room and not walked out again.

  • The set up was not good.

  • It was bad.

  • E had about 15 agents surrounding me on one guy looked at me.

  • I'll never forget it was an FBI agent and said, Michael, not this time you became a star and they were lining up to testify against you.

  • Life is tough enough when you're doing the right thing and everything is good when you get involved in criminal activity and you put more baggage on your shoulders to carry around life gets so difficult, you gotta play it straight in life.

  • And, uh, you know, that's the best possible shot that you have that having a decent life mhm E.

e never aspired to be a mob guy.

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MAFIA SECRETS REVEALED: How This Former Mob Boss Became The Highest Paid Gangster - Michael Franzese

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/28
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