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  • -Welcome back, everybody. I'm here with Maya Rudolph.

  • And five, four and --

  • -Three, two, one.

  • [ Laughs ]

  • -Let's talk about "Hubie Halloween."

  • Oh, my gosh. Perfect. So fun.

  • It's a Halloween movie. Are you -- were you --

  • are you into Halloween?

  • Were you always into Halloween growing up?

  • -I love Halloween. Yes. -Really?

  • -But, just to be clear, like, I'm not --

  • I'm not a scary Halloween person.

  • I hate being scared. -Me, too.

  • -If anybody scares me, I will punch them in the face.

  • I don't like it.

  • Like, don't scare me, or you're --

  • you're going to get punched in the face, for real.

  • -"Hubie Halloween" is finally out.

  • I'm so happy it's on Netflix.

  • Everyone's going to be watching it this weekend.

  • Do you want to set it up, what the movie's about?

  • Adam Sandler's Hubie. -Hubie --

  • Adam Sandler's Hubie.

  • And Hubie's this -- just this sweet, sweet dude that is,

  • you know, I don't think he's very popular in the town.

  • He -- he takes his job very seriously,

  • making sure that people are safe,

  • and he wants everybody to be safe on Halloween.

  • And my character is one of many people who are not --

  • not very nice to him.

  • And his mom really tries to let him know that he has to,

  • you know, stand up to bullies and take care of himself.

  • And -- and he's just -- poor -- poor Hubie

  • just rides around town drinking out of his thermos

  • while people throw eggs at him.

  • -Oh, no. -Poor guy.

  • -Oh, that's so terrible. -I know.

  • He's a good dude. -It's very --

  • It was Herlihy, right? Herlihy and Sandler.

  • -Yep. Yep. Herlihy and Sandler.

  • -Can't beat that. I want to show everyone a clip.

  • Here is Maya Rudolph in "Hubie Halloween."

  • Take a look.

  • -[ Moaning ]

  • [ Moaning rhythmically ]

  • [ Laughs ] Does that turn you on?

  • -How is sucking on fake fingers supposed to turn me on?

  • -Well, imagine that they're your fingers.

  • -They're men's fingers.

  • What are you saying, I have men's fingers?

  • -Okay, look. I was just trying something.

  • Okay? Something different. -Jeez, man.

  • -Remember, we used to come here in high school?

  • -Uh-huh. Feels exactly the same, too.

  • We got Hubie Dubois spying on everybody.

  • Got to say it's pretty impressive

  • how long he's been a loser.

  • -I got a great idea. -[ Woman screams in movie ]

  • -It's kind of evil, but stick with me.

  • -Now that turns me on.

  • [ Laughter ]

  • [ Laughing continues ]

  • -Maya Rudolph, everybody.

-Welcome back, everybody. I'm here with Maya Rudolph.

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Maya Rudolph Will Punch Anyone Who Scares Her

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/27
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