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Ha ha ha, aha ha ha ha, aha ha ha ha ha. And that's Mabel's guide to laughing for an uncomfortable
amount of time. Uh-oh, here comes more! Aha ha ha ha!
Ma Ma Ma-Mabel Ma-Mabel
Ma Ma Ma-Mabel Ma-Ma-Ma-Mabel
Ma-Mabel Ma Ma Ma Ma-Ma-Mabel
Ma-Ma-Ma-Mabel Mabel Mabel Mabel
Today: Mabel's Guide to Color!
Ah, color. It's all around us! From the green of an nauseous twin brother, to the weird
orange of an old man's nose, to the beautiful sky blue of toilet water.
I'm in that one! Mabel Yes, you are, Soos.But it wasn't always
this way. According to history, the world was black and white untill color was invented
by a magic wizard named "Crandalf the Fabulous!" What's your favorite color, Gravity Falls?
Hot pink. Beige!
Wendy. Wait, what was the question again? Lazors. Ooh! Or liquid metal! Does leopards
count as a color? Flannel.
Ok, ok. I've narrowed it down to aurora borealis, camouflage...
Magic vision poster! Bahhhh
None. What?
I don't have a favorite color. I don't even like colors.
Not even rainbows? Beats me. I've never seen a rainbow.
WHAT?!? ____
l Alright guys, how can we get Grunkle Stan to see a rainbow? I need ideas, people!
Some times if I drink expired milk, I see rainbows! I will try right now!
What if we reflect the rainbow from the falls into Stan's window?
Yeah! Yeah! (Falls off the bed and starts to sleep)
It's fine. She does this.
Alright, we're about to unleash the power of the "Roy-G-Biv-A-Tron" into Stan's office!
Nothing brightens the dark room like a light from a window! It's time to open the window..
OH NO!! WHY!!! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!! Ta-daah! Surprise!
Maybe we over did it a little bit..
Get those bandages good and tight! Not given my life saving to some quack doctor.
That's for today! Join us next week when will be doing "Mabel's Guide to Apologizing to
your Great Uncle." I hate color more then ever!
He's just saying that. (Whispering) Cut! Cut it!
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Mabel's Guide To Colors

1311 Folder Collection
Mary Lai published on June 10, 2014
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