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And that concludes Mabel's Guide to Hair Topiary
What is it?
It's an ostrich. It's clearly an ostrich.
♪ Ma-ma-ma-mabel-mabel ♪
♪ Mabel Mabel Mabel Mabel ♪
Today: Mabel's Guide To Stickers!
Throughout history, stickers have been
the backbone of many great civilizations
No, they haven't
The ancient greeks used leeches for stickers!
The more stickers you had, the cooler you were!
Nope. Not true!
The ancient aztecs chest skull was the modern equivalent to today's
"Orange You Happy, Mon?"
Yes, Aztec war paint was exactly like a rasta orange
Mabel, have you ever read a history book?
Edited out!
Edit! Edit! Edit!
Cut away!
Let's take a look at my personal Sticktionary
Stickers fall into several distinct categories
Puffy stickers
So soft!
Goofily-eye stickers
Aah! It's like they're watching me!
Bumper stickers
Scratch and sniff
Sniff and touch
Listen and taste
And price stickers
You can get these ones free at the store
Don't they need those?
Stickers. Stickers. Stickers.
Free TV's everybody!
Ah! Free TV! Get free TV!
Listen, Dipper, you shouldn't doubt my authority
In the sticker world
I'm the girl who can get you things
I need a sticker to put on my car that will
You know, get the cops off my back
Uh-Un! My price
I'm going to get so sick
Mabel, don't you think those are hazardous to your health?
Edited out!
Edit! Edit! Edit!
What? How'd i get here?
Thanks for watching Mabel's Guide to Stickers.
And now, a riddle!
What kind of sticker can save your life?
Waddles, if you please
Puffy stickers!
Still really hurt, though.
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02 - Mabel's Guide to Stickers - Gravity Falls - Mabel's Guide to Life

1482 Folder Collection
Mary Lai published on June 10, 2014
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