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  • Let's talk about that mental health damage.

  • I mean, what does that do to a person?

  • Because not only elderly people are feeling that, but even some other people that are just isolated.

  • What does that do to a person?

  • And how is that damage done?

  • And cannot be undone to answer your second question First, I'm sure it can be undone.

  • I think we do have a remarkable way off healing ourselves if we put our minds to it.

  • If we want to, I'll give you an example.

  • I knew I was having.

  • I live on my own now.

  • I I knew I was struggling a little bit, but thought I was doing OK through the lock down that I went away in August for a week.

  • Um, had a lovely week on the Norfolk Coast, came back and I nearly went berserk.

  • I was on a zoom call with some friends and I shouted up, Not Thio.

  • Speak over each other all the time on one of them said, You look terrible, Andi.

  • I spoke to a later and I realized at that moment that I was back in my four walls and I had had a much worse time than I'd thought on that.

  • Actually, that was a turning point because I found so much more energy than I got on and did stuff well in the last six weeks.

  • 6 to 8 weeks that I hadn't been able to do before then So s so It was quite a turning point on that moment of going berserk was actually quite therapeutic, Right?

  • So you have to kind of know that you're suffering or potentially suffering from mental health and then be proactive.

  • So if there's elderly people right now that are watching us, who maybe haven't had that contact, find some way to engineer it a least.

  • Find a way to to see someone on the doorstep or see someone a distance or get on the face time and get on the zoom and doom or than you think you need maybe, Absolutely.

  • Um, I don't know.

  • Again, my own experience, I found I've kept in touch with a smaller circle of friends on I'm starting to think seriously now about how toe make make contact again with, ah, wider circle that I have.

  • But I think you're right.

  • Any and every opportunity.

  • Um, Andi, some charities some mutual aids of putting leaflets through doors.

  • If there's a phone number there to ring, to ask for someone to talk to or whatever, if someone does come to the door, how can you carry on that conversation?

  • How can you get back in touch with family?

  • You know the phone isn't as good as zoom or FaceTime or something, but it's really, really important on Do you know the vast majority of people do have a phone?

  • Yeah, anything.

  • Anything to make that contact.

  • Not my words.

  • Wild stop my wife.

Let's talk about that mental health damage.

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SOCIALISING DURING LOCKDOWN: Why It Is Important To Stay In Contact With Friends - Dr. Tony Burch

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    Summer posted on 2020/10/24
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