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  • Hi, I'm Steve.

  • I am going to take you through a job interview for a high school teacher.

  • I will ask you some common interview questions,

  • and I recommend you pause after each one and think about how you'd answer it.

  • You can say your answers out loud to practice what it will be like in a real interview.

  • You can even record it on your phone or your webcam

  • so you can look back and see where you need to improve.

  • I'll finish giving you some tips on what we'd expect to hear

  • during a successful interview.

  • So let's get started.

  • What made you want to be a high school teacher?

  • What subjects do you specialise in teaching?

  • What qualities do you think high school students look for in a teacher?

  • What personality traits do you think teachers need to be successful?

  • How would you approach discipline and what role does it play in learning?

  • How would you deal with a bullying issue?

  • How would you use technology in the classroom

  • and how would you integrate it into your lessons?

  • How would you ensure a positive relationship with parents?

  • Do you have any questions for me?

  • An interviewee who's been asked their reasons for getting into high school teaching,

  • they stand out for good reasons when they say things like

  • they're interested in the development of students,

  • they're interested in seeing people progress

  • and draw pleasure from seeing people learn and grow in their understanding.

  • A negative reason to give for being interested in high school teaching is

  • anything that doesn't put the value of the students first.

  • So if you're saying things like job security or you weren't sure what else you wanted to do,

  • anything that doesn't put the wellbeing of the students first is a good answer.

  • It's definitely very positive for an interviewee to show that

  • they've done research about the school, that show's that they take the initiative

  • and that they're interested in matching the ethos and practices of that school.

  • So a successful answer to a question about discipline and the role it plays in learning

  • is one that's going to show that

  • the potential teacher has really thought through strategies,

  • that they're entering the classroom prepared

  • and that they've got some sense of what they want to do

  • and how they're going to achieve it.

  • From a candidate who's answering a question about bullying,

  • I'd be interested in hearing them say that they take the situation seriously,

  • that they're going to investigate and go through the appropriate channels

  • to deal with those issues.

  • We really don't want to hear anyone minimising or finding ways to brush things under the carpet.

  • So when a potential teacher is being asked about the role the parents play

  • and how they're going to work with parents

  • they have to show a willingness and an openness to engage

  • but also understand that there are

  • clear boundaries that need to be kept as well.

  • So if a candidate answers a question with specific scenarios,

  • that can show that they've really thought about the sorts of issues that come up

  • and that they have strategies in place,

  • so that they actually are well thought out in their approach

  • rather than just being generalised or flippant.

  • So when a potential teacher is asked

  • Are there any questions?”

  • that they have for the interviewer,

  • it's really good to ask questions about the school and its community

  • so that they can get a better sense of the ethos

  • and that it shows that they have interest in engaging and becoming part of that community.

  • The other things that matter in an interview is that

  • you've got to make a good impression,

  • it means you've got to be on time, present tidily and present neatly

  • and be reasonably confident in what you're saying.

Hi, I'm Steve.

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Interview Practice | High School Teacher

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