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  • Hi, I'm James. I'm a restaurant owner

  • and I'm going to take you through some interview questions for wait staff.

  • I'll ask you some common interview questions

  • and I recommend you pause the video after each one to think about how you'd answer it.

  • Say your answers out loud to practice what would it be like with a real interview.

  • You can even record yourself on your phone or webcam

  • and then watch it back to see where you think you could improve.

  • I'll finish up giving you some tips what I'd expect to hear from you in a successful interview.

  • Let's get started.

  • What is your experience with customer service and how does it relate to this position?

  • Describe your last dining experience and how it could have been improved.

  • What are some food trends that you've noticed recently?

  • What would you do if your customer tried to combine multiple special offers that couldn't be combined?

  • What are your feelings on tip sharing?

  • Have you dined with us before

  • and if so, what do you think we could have done better?

  • How would you deal with an angry or disgruntled customer?

  • How do you feel about working split shifts?

  • Do you have any questions for me about this position?

  • So the way you'd stand out positively in an interview is by

  • being well presented, well dressed,

  • coming prepared with all the documents that might be relevant to the position.

  • I think it's very important you do some research on the organisation that you're looking

  • to work at before you turn up to the interview.

  • You'll be asked a lot of questions by someone like myself

  • about how you might be able to improve some of their systems and things like that

  • and if you don't know about the organisation,

  • then you're not going to be able to answer these in the correct way.

  • When given the opportunity to ask questions it's good practice to do so.

  • It shows confidence, initiative and interest in the position you're trying to get.

  • During the interview process, it's quite likely you're going to be asked to give examples

  • of certain scenarios, when things have happened in previous jobs.

  • So just make sure you can prepare with a few of those

  • so that you don't have to be thinking too long about your answers.

Hi, I'm James. I'm a restaurant owner

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Interview Practice | Waiter

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